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Postal museum Vyšší Brod


Vyšší Brod
38273 Vyšší Brod
Contact: Poštovní muzeum(Česká pošta, s.p.)

Telephone: +420 380 746 679


Location: Region of Český Krumlov
Type: Museums

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History of the post since the 16th Century till today - post-officers uniforms, boards, boxes, cases, postal maps, post offices equipment, inkpots, lights, writing machines, postal and stamping machines, postal carriages and cars models.
Telegraph and telephone from the half of the 19th Century till today - historical telegraph machines, teleprinters, telephones, manual telephones and exchanges, the first automatic telephones.
Post marks - post marks from Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic, color inspections, press methods.
Wagons and carriages - historical wagons and carriages collection, postal coach and package wagons, postal sleighs, representative carriages, carriage harnesses.

Valid price list: 01.04.2015 - 31.10.2015

Appropriation Unit Price per unit
Tour without any commentarypers.50 CZK
Tour without any commentary - children, students, pensionerspers.20 CZK

Working time

Dates From - To
01.04.2015 - 31.10.2015   (Tu-Su) 09:00 - 12:00
01.04.2015 - 31.10.2015   (Tu-Su) 13:00 - 17:00