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IV. Krumlov Water´ Sprite - International public flipper swimming competition

Krumlov Water´s Sprite - International public flipper and winter swimming competition

Vodní záchranná služba ČČK MS Český Krumlov
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Ing. Milan Bukáček

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Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2009 - Archive

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Krumlov Water´ Sprite - 4th year of International public flipper and winter swimming competition - the main prize is Český Krumlov mayor´s touring cup

Accessibility by road:
Parking: parking on paid car park P3 is recommended - it is located by Children´s and Youth´s House

Krumlov Water´s Sprite

Dates From - To
18.04.2009   (Sa) 11:00 - 16:00

International public flipper and winter swimming competition - the prize is Český Krumlov mayor´s touring cup. Flipper swimming in the distance of 1500metres. General public can take part in the competition according to the age categories in the discipline - flipper swimming in the fixed distance according to the rules with set equipment. Winter swimming in the distance of 250 metres. Swimming started on the river bank by the starter´s command with the current at the set distance according to the rules for winter swimming.

Flipper swimming - the distance is 1500 metres

Dates From - To
18.04.2009   (Sa) 13:00 - 13:40


General public can take part in the competition according to the age categories in the discipline - flipper swimming at the set distance according to the rules with set equipment - isolation suit, flippers maximum length 70 cm,mask,snorkel. Each competitor must wear the isolation suit including the head cover. The competitor cannot start the competition without this equipment. The competition will be started in the set spot on the river bank. The competitors will swim with the current down two weirs which can be overcome according to the competitor´s choice in the water or along the river bank in the set area. After the competitor swims approximately 1,3 metres, the competitor will run in the area of so-called Mouse Hole approximately 60 metres on the river bank and then he or she will continue swimming approximately 140 metres to the goal. In case of low or conversaly high flow rate the organizer has right to adapt the track. Categories:(all competitors swim 1.500 metres) A juniors - men 15-18 years B juniors - women 15-18 years C men till 40 D women till 40 G men over 40 E women over 40

Presentation and start


The competitors´ presentation: 18th April from 12-12.45 in Linecká Basic School where the competitors can use the reserved dressing rooms including the showers. In case of good weather the presentation will take place in front of Gold Hotel. The registration should be sent till 10th April 2009 to email: or by phone number 606270047. The competition will start in the Municipal Park in front of Gold Hotel - according to the categories 13.00 - mass start 1500 metres 13.40 - winter swimming 250 metres

Announcement of the results

The results will be announced and the prizes will be awarded in the restaurant in Vltavan campsite in Český Krumlov - Spolí, where the first three competitors from each category will be awarded material prizes. The total winner of flipper competition will be awarded tour cup of Český Krumlov mayor.


The competitors are responsible for the risk of the competition. Within the framework of the presentation the competitors will sign statutory declaration about health capability to take part in the competition. Individuals under 18 years will be allowed to take part in the competition only with the accompaniment of or with written consent of statutory agent. In case of high or conversely low Vltava river flow which can jeopardise the competitors´ safety the competition will take place in Lipno Lake in the area of Water Rescue Service training centre in Dolní Vltavice in the cadaster of Černá v Pošumaví. If needed this information will be published one day before the competition will take place on

Starting fee

Starting fee is paid in cash during the presentation: -youth under 18 100Kč per person, - others 150Kč per person. The starting fee contains some fast food, hot dish for dinner and admission for the part of accompanying program see bellow - accompanying program. It is also possible to buy hot dish for dinner and the admission for the accompanying program for the accompaniment at the price 150Kč per person. Refreshment: starting coupon for hot dish in the restaurant in Vltavan Camp in Český Krumlov.


The accomodation can be provided on the basis of written or email order received till 30th March 2008 on the organizer´s address:•in the area of Vltavan Campsite in Český Krumlov - Spolí. The campsite provides accomodation in rooms per approximately 10 people in their own sleeping bags for the price of 80Kč per person.•in the area of DDM Spolí accomodation for the price of 110Kč per person. Other accomodation possibilities can be found on

Accompanying program

Dates From - To
18.04.2009   (Sa) 12:00 - 20:00

Accompanying program:
•11.00-12.30 Training exhibition of Water Rescue Service in Český Krumlov, WRS in Austria, Czech Red Cross, water sportsmen and cynologists - determined for general public
•11.00-15.00 Rafting on the Vltava River - for competitors and their accompaniment interested
•14.00-15.00 dinner in the restaurant in Vltavan Campsite in Český Krumlov
•15.00-16.00 Announcement of the resulsts

Information and contact

Water Rescue Service ČČK MS Český Krumlov Ing. Milan Bukáček, U kasáren 111, 38101 Český Krumlov phone number, fax: +420 380 717 995, +420 606 270 047 e-mail:, www: bank connection 174-509807544/0600, personal identification number: 60630256

Partners, sponsors

the town Č. Krumlov Pivovar Eg of Č.Krumlov Southbohemian region County council General health insurance fund BMS s.r.o. Platan Brewery a.s. Youth House Eggenberg Brewery SK Vltava Č.Krumlov CHEIRÓN a.s. Internet radio ICM Travel agency Vltava MIRAGE s.r.o. Reklama Frymburk s.r.o. Confectionery U Soudu ZŠ Linecká, Č. Krumlov INGE tour s.r.o. ELINT- CK s.r.o. Restauration Maštal Č.K. Krčma Šatlava Hotel <a href="">Gold</a> Český Krumlov HAMECO EVROPA s.r.o. Č.Krumlov – bewerage wholesale Rafting Český Krumlov s.r.o. Český Krumlov Development Fund s.r.o War veterans association ČR ČČK – Regional association Č.Krumlov Austrian Water Rescue Service Bavarian Red Cross Water Rescue Service Southbohemian cynologist brigade Health insurance fund of the Ministry of the Interior The organizers thank all partners for help with the competition´s realization. We are looking forward to your participation.