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Dívčí Kámen Castle

Dívčí Kámen

Dívčí Kámen
38203 Obec Holubov, p. Křemže
Contact: Ing. Zdeňka Tučková

Telephone: +420 775 213 959


Location: Region of Český Krumlov
Type: Castles, chateaus, ruins

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Dívčí Kámen castle is one of the castles in Bohemia of which the foundation charter was preserved. Four sons of Peter I. von Rosenberg, Petr, Jošt, Oldřich and Jan, decided to build this castle. The emperor Karel IV gave them on July 1, 1349 permission to "build in the Czech Kingdom the castle called in the Czech language Dívčí Kámen and make its walls, moats, towers and other fences strong".

Today Dívčí Kámen castle with its 210 metres of length and 45 metres of width is one of the largest castle ruins in Bohemia. Parts of the walls of the upper and lower castle and also parts of the castle fortification were preserved.

Accessibility: The ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle are located near the village Třísov, 9 km from Český Krumlov. The village can be reached by a bus or a train and from there follow the red marked tourist trail. You can also reach the ruins from Holubov following the yellow marked tourist trail.

Accessibility by road:
The ruins of Dívčí Kámen castle are located near the village of Třísov 9 km to the north-east of Český Krumlov.

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Adultpers.60 CZK
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History of the Dívčí Kámen Castle