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International Theatre Festival MIRACULUM ČESKÝ KRUMLOV 2008


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38101 Český Krumlov
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Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2008 - Archive

International Theatre Festival MIRACULUM Český Krumlov 2008

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16.10.2008 - 20.10.2008   (Th-Mo)


The concept of the new festival MIRACULUM exploits the unique beauty of the town of Český Krumlov with an impressive silhouette of the caste, a large, beautifully and expertly restored complex of historical buildings - in connection with the status of an urban conservation area and inscription of the town on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992 – as well as rich cultural traditions enabling perceiving the town as a whole, as a theatre town, as a miracle coming alive. The entire Český Krumlov is somewhat of a live theatrical museum, where the environment, authentic exterior and interior architecture, including the unique urban configuration of the town together contribute to the enhancement of an experience and spectacle.

The festival respects the natural and internationally ever growing cultural and historical priorities of the locality, which are the castle baroque theatre, the castle as a whole, including the garden, a complex of historical buildings of the town, creating scenography of its own kind and other theatrical centres
in the town and near vicinity. The festival repertoire focuses on more traditional theatre genres, types and forms.

The aim of the festival is to revive genre and form traditions, connected with the theatrical history of Český Krumlov, both in the production and interpretation work of top local as well as foreign theatre enthusiasts using the most authentic premises, the environment with a rich tradition and very impressive architectural and urban features. The presentation programme range leads from classical performances (chamber opera, ballet and dance, movement and physical theatre, marionette theatre - etc.)

Don Giovanni

Dates From - To
17.10.2008   (Fr) 17:00


Don Giovanni – the National Marionette Theater of Prague
The puppet version of the classic opera Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart was first performed in Prague at the National Marionette Theater in June 1991 and has been part of the theater’s repertoire in the 17 years since its premier. More than 3,900 performances later, along with a million spectators from all over the world and participation in 57 international worldwide festivals have made Don Giovanni among the more extraordinary puppet productions in the world. One of the most noteworthy productions of Don Giovanni was given as part of a European Union project, the European City of Culture, in 2000 in Prague and Reykjavik, Iceland, as well as in 2006 in Patras, Greece. The National Marionette Theater had the prestigious honor of representing the Czech Republic in Macau, China, in October 2007, at one of the most renowned music and theater festivals in Asia. The National Marionette Theater is taking its performance of Don Giovanni to the Miraculum Festival, where it will be shown in the beautiful Prokyšový Hall on Friday, October 17, at 5:00 PM.