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700 years of Český Krumlov

2nd Courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle, foto: Lubor Mrázek

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38101 Český Krumlov
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Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2010 - Archive

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Český Krumlov ranks high among important Czech towns with rich historic and cultural past. Almost as soon as the Castle was founded, sometime in the 13th century, a small trading settlement evolved in the meander of the river below. This settlement was soon awarded a town status, first mentioned in 1309 on a charter by Jindřich I. of Rosenberg and his son Petr. During the next 700 years, Český Krumlov saw remarkable cultural and economic growth, advancement and prosperity under the rule of the noble Rosenberg, Eggenberg and Schwarzenberg families; without any devastating fires, army invasions, front-line battles or power feuds. So Český Krumlov has managed to keep its historic character and now holds a proud place among the best-preserved urbanistic monuments of town architecture in this country and in Europe.

In 1992, the town centre of Český Krumlov, and the State Castle and Chateau complex Český Krumlov, were jointly entered on the UNESCO World Heritage list. (Mgr. Martin Jakab)

..Sports events

As part of its 700 years' Anniversary celebrations, Český Krumlov town and region will host a.number of sporting events. Clicking on 'Sports events' will také you to a brief list of events that will be updated regularly.

..Recent events:

..Celebratory mass, church of StVitus, 25th January 2009

Dates From - To
25.01.2009   (Su) 09:30


On the 25th January 2009, Český Krumlov is remembering 570 years since the Passau bishop Nicholas consecrated the church of St Vitus. The celebratory Mass shall be served at 9.30 by the bishop of České Budějovice, Pavel Posád.


Dates From - To
24.02.2009   (Tu) 16:00


This year's Masopust theme, 'Český rok' – 'A year in Czech lands', was selected by its organisers in Český Krumlov. The carnival parade will feature around 50 masks.

24. 2. 2009

..Magical Krumlov

Dates From - To
30.04.2009 - 01.05.2009   (Th-Fr)
30.04.2009 - 01.05.2009   (Th-Fr)


A festival that hopes you will be 'Enchanted by Krumlov in May'. This year's programme is dedicated to the town's anniversary, in a fairly non-traditional manner that could be described as a historic cabaret, with added elements of mystification and fiction. The evening will include performances by popular Krumlov bands, screenings of historic films, and even some surprises. The venue, the Eggenberg brewery, will provide refreshments for all visitors.

..Cross-discipline conference: from a residential town to a World heritage monument

Dates From - To
20.05.2009 - 22.05.2009   (We-Fr)

Castle Český Krumlov, Source: JCCR, photo by: Lubor Mrázek

The aim of this specialist meeting is the mapping of changes to Český Krumlov, from a pre-modern 'organism' tightly bound to its aristocratic residence, to its inclusion on the World Heritage List.
Organisers: Národní památkový ústav (National heritage institute), ú.o.p. České Budějovice
Partners: ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), Ústav pro dějiny umění (History of Art institute) FF UK Praha
Venue: Státní zámek Český Krumlov (State Chateau Český Krumlov)
Dates: 20. - 22. 5. 2009
Further informations:

..Plague column consecration

Dates From - To
15.06.2009   (Mo) 17:30


Saint Vitus the Patron Saint of Český Krumlov, will be remembered on 15th June 2009 by a celebration at the St Vitus church, with a renewed consecration of the plague column dedicated to Virgin Mary. This sculpture was commissioned in 1715 - 1716 by princess Marie Arnoštka of Eggenberg, nee Schwarzenberg. The plague column's nine-sculpture group is framed on three sides by a fountain. At the top of the pillar stands Virgin Mary, on the lower level are St Wenceslas, St Vitus, John the Evangelist and Judas Tadeas. The plinth of Judas bears the date 1716 and the signature of the sculptor Matěj Václav Jäckel.

..Festive Mass celebrating St. Vitus

Dates From - To
15.06.2009   (Mo) 18:00

..Instalment of sculpture Belfry for Europe

Dates From - To
16.06.2009   (Tu) 18:00


The sculpture, Belfry for Europe by Petr Fidrich, will be installed in the Seminary garden opposite Hotel Růže.

A belfry can easily be seen as a symbol of the archaic and historic qualities of Český Krumlov, being an archetypal architectural element, as well as an indellible feature of the town's towers. It represents a symbol of continuity between man and nature, so characteristic of this region. The belfry's design is inspired by the meander of the river Vltava, copying its 'omega' shaped flow through the town. An effective curve that is deservedly worked into the body of the sculpture.

..Guided City Tours

Dates From - To
17.06.2009   (We) 18:00

Guided city tours for town residents are organized by Cesky Krumlov City Guides Guild. There are 2x5 tours available with a maximum number of 40 people per group.Tours start at the town square next to the fountain at 6 pm and 7pm (5 and 5 groups). Free tickets to be booked at Infocentrum. Tours will be available in Czech language only.

..Český Krumlov prize

Dates From - To
18.06.2009   (Th) 18:00


A prize given by Český Krumlov town.

..Five Petalled Rose celebrations

Dates From - To
19.06.2009 - 21.06.2009   (Fr-Su)

.. .. .. ..

Five Petalled Rose celebrations

This year's celebrations look back to 1909, to a historic festival in honour of Český Krumlov's anniversary, attended by prince Schwarzenberg, and also to1969, the second year of the Five Petalled Rose celebrations. These yearly celebrations are always dedicated to the Rosenberg family and to the renaissance times. But each year ending in number nine is looking to present all the periods in the town's history, from mediaeval times to the rococo. So this wider programme is repeated only every ten years.

The festival's main historic content is a parade through town in historic costumes, presenting important past personalities of local aristocratic families, and interesting historic vignettes from the oldest Vitkovec family to the later Schwarzenbergs. Particular regard is paid to the town's own past, such as The dividing of Roses, the Masquerade hall, the Baroque theatre and the Schwarzenberg guard. The parade will also present several original shields with coats-of-arms, made by the festival's founder, Anton Zwiefelhofer, in 1969. His wife, Zdena Zwiefelhoferová, is a consultant at this year's celebrations. The parade will feature around 700 costumed participants, knights on horses, swordsmen and soldiers, drummers, flag-bearers, musicians, jugglers and clowns, and representatives of craftsmens' guilds.

The accompanying festivities will feature such delights as a mediaeval joust to the Dividing of the Roses story, a Live Chess performance - renaissance style, history coming to life at every corner, mediaeval games for the whole family, a period market at the 1st Castle courtyard, and about ten stages for shows and performances. Here we shall hear musical performances by the Spiritual Quintet presenting their legendary 'songs from the year one-two', and the folk-music husband and wife duo, the Marians, founders of the Klic group. The more scholarly part of the programme will feature dance seminars and the School of European historic fight-crafts. Saturday night is a Fire night with fires all over town, with a classical pageant down the river and fireworks over the Castle and town. Music accompanying the fireworks is a compilation featuring the group Blackmore's Night who were guests of last year's celebrations. All in all the festival will be a platform to around 150 performances in genres that aim to capture the historic feel of the celebrations, and more repeat visits of successful performers from the past. And last but not least, there will be a Mimibar (Baby-bar), a repeat of a successful feature of 2008 that provides a peaceful retreat for mothers with very young children.
The festival is attended yearly by more than 25 000 visitors from Czech republic and abroad.

..The story of Český Krumlov in 2099

Kouzený Krumlov 2008, foto Lubor Mrázek ..

An exhibition project for children.
The town of Český Krumlov and Centrum pro pomoc dětem a mládeži, o.p.s. (Youth assistance Center) in Český Krumlov, have announced a call to pupils, students, children and youth for entries to an exhibition project „The story of ČESKÝ KRUMLOV IN 2099“, or the childrens' view of the town's future... Český Krumlov is thus joining the activities within the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. As an ispiration, the participants will be taken on an excursion to Austria, to the Ars Electronica Center in Linz - the Museum of the future.

Competition for children and youth
express your vision and hopes about the future of Český Krumlov (based on your knowledge of the present)
envisaged categories: for example a web-page of the town in 2099, a picture of the town's development, a model of the town in 2099, a logo of the future town, creative writing, e.g. a short story, the town's anthem for 2009.

school year 2008/2009
Linz excursion 25.03.2009
Presentation of projects at the Day of open doors, in schools 22.6 - 28.6.2009
Final display 26.6.2009

..Water Music for Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
17.07.2009   (Fr)
17.07.2009   (Fr) 21:00

.. .. ..

Water Music for Český Krumlov

A concert to celebrate 700 years since the first written historic mention of the town. The concert is part of the International music festival in Český Krumlov.

Water Music for Český Krumlov
Composer: Fratišek Xaver Thuri
Text: PhDr. Jan Šmíd
Translation into Latin: Prof. Bohumila Mouchová,CSc.
Performers: Severočeská filharmonie Teplice, Kühnův smíšený sbor, Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, soloists
Conductor: Charles Olivieri-Munroe

This piece of programme music was commissioned from F.X.Thuri by the International music festival Český Krumlov in 1996. The premiere was in the same year, at the Český Krumlov Castle and Chateau's South gardens terraces, as part of the 5th festival year'sopening concert. The composition is in 6 parts and is dedicated to the four aristocratic families that ruled in Krumlov. Following the introductory prologue, gregorian chants take us to the 13th century's rule of the Lords of Krumlov, renaissance style music reminds us of the Rosenberg rule,and baroque style music represents the Eggenberg rule. Then a classicist style section that represents the Schwarzenbergs who ruled their Krumlov domain for over 300 years. The last part of the work is its pinnacle; from a reminder of the introduction's motifs, to the symphonic instrumentation of the sixth part that takes us right into the present day.

The sung texts are in Latin but, between the music sections, a Czech speaker's recitation will explain the historic epochs featured in the composition.
The performance will také place at the Town Square.

..Illuminations in the Monastery garden, messages to our descendants

Dates From - To
02.08.2009   (Su) 20:00 - 22:00


Illuminations in the Monastery garden + messages to our descendants
Exactly to the day, 700 years after the signing of the charter that first mentions Český Krumlov as town, a small celebration will také place at the Monastery garden. It will feature spectacular illuminations as well as a programme based on historic events, and an occassion for the visitors to leave a message to their descendants. The messages will be written on a roll that shall be locked in a metal chest and subsequently hidden in the monastery of the Knights with the red cross. The roll will be large – to correspond with the anticipated interest of the public.

..Saint Wenceslas celebrations

Dates From - To
25.09.2009 - 28.09.2009   (Fr-Mo)

.. .. ..

Saint Wenceslas celebrations

The subtitle of our September festivities, „Homage to Saint Wenceslas, patron of Czech lands and of Český Krumlov town, patron of wine producers and beer brewers, and a celebration of the Czech Republic National holiday“ really says it all. This truly Czech festival has embedded itself in the calendar of events throughout the Czech republic. As in the Five Petalled Rose festival, here we return to our roots; in the St Wenceslas festival to folk lore. And so an international folklore festival presenting diverse ensembles is by now an indellible part of the St Wenceslas celebrations. An evening programme entitled „Folklore inspiration“ gives platform to artists drawing their inspiration not only from Czech folklore but from the wide repertoire of worldmusic. The performances feature music, dance and theatre.

A popular part of the festival is the „Night of open museums and galleries“ when visitors can enter the town's important galleries and museums for free. Sunday is traditionally the day of open hearts, that is dedicated to children and their parents. So on Sunday there will be free entry to expositions, and to theatrical and musical performances aimed at children. The Saint's day itself will be celebrated in a more introverted, spiritual manner, well suited to the important National holiday. During this day visitors can go on special tours of St Vitus church and St Wenceslas chapel, and listen to a celebratory concert at St Vitus church. Another part of the day's celebrations is a promenade performance 'Fairytale-Stroll' during which the audience will be taken on a stroll through the town and its history, and all the way to the Mountain of the cross, where the St Wenceslas celebrations will conclude. On Monday 28.09, on the occassion of the 700 years' Anniversary of the town there will be a book-signing for a new publication „Story of Český Krumlov“. Apart from the cultural programme the town will also host a market at the Town square, and selected restaurants will be offering a special St Wenceslas menu. And anyone bearing the name Wenceslas, wherever he comes from, can sign a St Wenceslas chronicle, adding their name to the hundreds of others from all corners of the republic, and to well-known personality Wenceslases that come yearly to the Festival. Anticipated number of the event's participants 5,500.

..The story of Český Krumlov – book-signing event introducing a publication on the town's history

Dates From - To
28.09.2009   (Mo)


The event introduces a new, exquisitely appointed book on the town's history. The event will také place during Saint Wenceslas celebrations

The book features illustrated history of Český Krumlov's development as a town from its very beginnings, using historical sources, and based on expert archive research (the previous such publication was by Jiří Záloha, published in 1065)
The second part of the publication is a photo-documentary of life in the town during the last 109 years. It will contain works by local photographers past and present, accompanied by faktual commentaries.

The new book has 192 pages, in full colour, and three languages.

..Events at the town library


The year 2009 marks a 130 years anniversary of the founding of Český Krumlov's municipal library.
1) Conference for librarians and representatives of towns in the Český Krumlov region.

Date: 14. 10. 2009

2) Exhibition featuring the library history, at the Prelature gallery.

3) They live amongst us – a publication featuring short portraits of personalities resident in Český Krumlov.

Date: October 2009, Libraries week

4) How we celebrate our holidays – an art/literature competition for elementary schools children.

Dates: school year 2008/2009

..Elementary school TGM celebrates 80 years

Dates From - To
09.10.2009   (Fr) 10:00


T. G. Masaryk Elementary school in Český Krumlov is celebrating 80 years since its founding. To mark the anniversary, the school will hold a Day of open doors, on the 9.10. 2009.

..Twin Town concert

Dates From - To
27.10.2009   (Tu) 18:00


Festive concert by guests from twin town Llanwrtyd Wells.

..Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
29.11.2009 - 06.01.2010   (Mo-Su)

.. ..

Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov

As its name implies, this is a KRUMLOV Advent, an effort to create a space for the town's residents to meet and bond together. The main Advent programme takes place during the Sundays and holy days, at the Town square, where Advent markets will also be held each Friday to Sunday. Apart from this main programme the town will present around 30 other events, featuring local ensembles, institutions, artists, and citizens of Krumlov. Some of the traditional events will feature:
- traditional Czech Christman Mass by Jan Jakub Ryba
- charity flea market
- concerts by the Elementary Arts school
- exhibitions
- festive town tours
- Dogs' Christmas
- Live Nativity
- Bears' Christmas

..Other events


Čechomor group, concert
The event is sponsored by the Mayor, Ing. Luboš Jedlička

Date: 12. 5. 2009, Castle riding school, 20:00