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St. Wenceslas´ Celebrations 2010 and International Folklore Festival Český Krumlov


Horní 2
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Městské divadlo Český Krumlov

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Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2010 - Archive

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Zu Ehren des hl. Wenzels, Patron des Landes Böhmen, der Stadt Český Krumlov und der Winzer und Bierbrauer Feiern zum Staatsfeiertag der Tschechischen Republik.

Thursday 23 September

Regional Museum Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
23.09.2010   (Th) 09:00 - 17:00


9.00 am - 12.00 pm
12.30 pm - 5 pm The story of the town of Český Krumlov
Festive opening of an exhibition commemorating the 700th anniversary of the first written mention of the town of Český Krumlov. The life of this town between 1309 and 2009 will be presented through a number of artifacts from the archives, archeological collections as well as artisanal and artistic pieces.

Friday 24 September

Svornosti Square

Dates From - To
24.09.2010   (Fr) 17:15 - 22:00

.. ..

12 pm - 6.45 pm St. Wenceslas´ Fair

5.15 pm Opening of the Celebrations and Meeting of partner towns
The celebrations will be opened by the mayor Luboš Jedlička and the vice-mayor Jitka Zikmundová. Official representatives of the partner towns will also hold a short speech on behalf of their towns: Hauzenberg (GER), Slovenj Gradec (SLO) and Vöcklabruck (AUT).
5.45 pm - 10 pm Folk Inspiration - Inspired by Folk
5.45 pm - 6.45 pm Epy de Mye
An acoustic trio from České Budějovice intends to captivate and infect you with their music thus enlarging the legions of their fans! This musical epidemic can be attributed to Lucie Cíchová, Honza Přeslička and Dušan Vainer. More on the band can be found on
7.15 pm - 8.15 pm Nezmaři
Winners of several Porta of Plzeň prizes as well as two Golden Keys – prizes for the best band of the year in the Folk & Country category. They have also issued a total of 12 CDs and are authors of many pretty songs and of captivating vocals, humour and good mod. This folk inspiration is brought to you by Šárka Benetková, Tonda Hlaváč, Pavel Zajíc and Pavel Jim Drengubák. For more information:
8.45 pm - 10 pm Žalman and his guests
This legendary Czech folk singer who has been missed by his fans returns with an inspirational performance of not only his old songs. This final portion of folk inspiration offers performances by Pavel Lohonka Žalman, Šárka Benetková, Tonda Hlaváč, Petr Novotný and maybe even …. For more information:

Historic Town Center

Dates From - To
24.09.2010   (Fr) 16:00 - 19:00


4 pm - 7 pm A town filled with dancing
Participants of the International Folklore Festival will perform their dance routines on the various streets and corners of the historic town center of Český Krumlov (locations: Café Veneti in Hradební Street, Široká Street, Na Ostrově, IInd Castle courtyard, Hotel Bellevue)

Na Ostrově

Dates From - To
24.09.2010   (Fr) 13:00 - 18:00

1 pm - 6 pm St. Wenceslas "Šípkování"
Ecological education through game play – Corner of the Ekological Center Šípek

Saturday 25 September

Svornosti Square

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 10:00 - 22:00

.. .. ..

10 am - 6 pm St. Wenceslas´ Fair

10 am - 5.30 pm International Folklore Festival
Performances by the following folk ensembles: Růže Český Krumlov, Jitřenka Český Krumlov, Úsviťáček České Budějovice, Jackové Jablůnkov, Hořeňáček Lázně Bělohrad, Štěpnička Veselí nad Moravou, Banatsko kolo Debeljača (Serbia), Trachtentanzgruppe Hauzenberg (Germnay), Folklorna skupina Rej Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia), Trachtenverein D' Waldhörnler Vöcklabruck (Austrie) and others.
5.30 pm Meeting of all Václavs and Václavkas
A joint meeting and group photograph of all persons named Václav or Václavka and results announcement.
7 pm - 10 pm Folk Inspiration - Inspired by Folklore
7 pm - 8.15 pm Braun (F/CZ)
The raven’s wings come bearing the traditional music of Brittany to Český Krumlov again. A band of musicians from both Brittany and Czech Republic under their front man Dewi Pajot brings to Český Krumlov another portion of inspiration and new songs from their recently published fifth CD called “En concert” following their successful concert last year. The band is composed from the following musicians: Dewi Pajot (vocals, clarinet, bombard, whistles), Petr Tichý (contrabass), Tomáš Görtler (accordion), Robert Fischmann (flute, whistles), Vojta Jindra (acoustic guitar) and Tokhi (percussion).
8.45 pm - 10 pm Taliesyn
This is an original essence of world music, folk, rock, Celtic music and jazz building upon the rich tradition of Anglo-American folk singing and Czech-Moravian folklore. This is supported by an array of “traditional” acoustic instruments such as bouzouki, acoustic guitar of the flute but also by an electric keyboard and a jazz-rock rhythm. From the beginning, this band has centered around the natural composing talent of its front man Jan Bičovský and the attempts by the second founding member of the band, Vojtěch Jindra (known from the bands Irish Dew and Bran), to re-interpret Central European folklore music as well as the music-arranging skills of the conductor and flute player Robert Fischmann (also from Irish Dew and Bran). The band is presently composed of two additional members who are also the central force behind the Czech performance of the big musical show The Wall from Pink Floyd – electric keyboard player Jiří Neužil and bass player Filip Benešovský (Neřež, Marie Rottrová). Taliesyn also brings songs from their now CD to Český Krumlov which will surely excite their fans. Perfoming: Jan Bičovský (vovals, bouzouki, accordion), Robert Fischmann (flute, whistle, synthesizers), Vojtěch Jindra (guitars), Jiří Neužil (keyboard), Filip Benešovský (bass guitar) and Radim Chrobok (percussion).

Info Center, Svornosti Square

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 10:00 - 17:00


10 am - 5 pm Meeting of all Václavs and Václavkas
Registration of all persons named Václav or Václavka and their signing of the Memorial Book of the St. Wenceslas’ Celebrations.

Seminary garden, next to Hotel Růže

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 11:00 - 16:00


11 am - 4 pm International Folklore Festival
Short dance shows presenting the participants of the International Folklore Festival.

Na Ostrově

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 10:00 - 18:00


10 am - 6 pm St. Wenceslas "Šípkování"
Ecological education through game play – Corner of the Ekological Center Šípek
1 pm - 5 pm Dance Club Carmentis
Presentation of the square dance dancing style by the local dance club. Performances begin every hour on the hour.

St. Wenceslas´ Night of Open Museums and Galleries

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 20:00 - 24:00

.. .. .. .. ..

Viewing of exhibitions by important museums and galleries of Český Krumlov.

* Regional Museum in Český Krumlov, Horní Street, Story of the Town of Český Krumlov

* Egon Schiele Art Center, Široká Street, exhibition commemorating the 120th birth anniversary of Egon Schiele

* State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov – the tower, IInd Castle courtyard (6 pm – 11 pm, children up to 15 years of age are only allowed if accompanied by an adult; entry prohibited to persons under influence)

* Czech Culture Gallery, Máselnice, IInd Castle courtyard, “New Esthetics – Design” – this exposition presents the design work by Miroslav Páral and his guests (top Czech designer artists). A new collection of artistic postcards of Český Krumlov titled Krumlov in Winter and Krumlov in Summer will also be part of the exhibition. The author recommends sending a winter postcard in the summer and vic e versa (apparently it is a logical thing to do).

* Doxa Gallery, Ist Castle courtyard, KNOT / KNOTEN – Č. KRUMLOV / SALZBURG – IV. A fourth annual meeting of 4 artists from the Austrian Salzburg and 4 Czech artists resident mostly in Český Krumlov. Music by Krumlov Classic Guitar Duo.

* Monastery of the Clarisse’s (entry from Latrán next to Věncová Gate) – last public viewing of the monastery before its closure for reconstruction as part of the project “Revitalization of the Český Krumlov monasteries” supported by the Integrated Operational Programme “National Support of Using the Cultural Heritage Potential”.

* Museum Photo Studio Seidel, Linecká Street 272 – guided tours from 8 pm to 11 pm (last tour). The tours commence at 8 pm, 8.30 pm, 9 pm, 9.30 pm, 10 pm, 10.30 pm and 11 pm. Maximum capacity is 20 persons per tour. Advance reservation is required from 1 September on or on or by telephoning 380 712 354. On-the-spot booking is also possible however places are not guaranteed.

* The Synagogue, Za soudem 288, Český Krumlov: “The Jewish Synagogue – Open”. Miroslav Páral presents here is unfinished collection of bronze suitcases created over the past three years and titled “I apologize to all the forcefully deported”. His project aims to decorate the exterior of the town of Český Krumlov. The author appeals to politicians not to try to re-open the history of the Czech Republic and change it but rather to use historical reflections for improvement. The Decrees of President Beneš and to Lisboa Treaty form a part of the exhibition. Also open on 25 September from 10 am to 5 pm with the author’s presence.

* R. Gallery, Dlouhá Street, performance by Lakomá Barka

* Český Krumlov Municipal Theatre, Horní Street – Photographic exhibition: Josef Prokopec – “A Reflection of Time”.

Monastery Gardens Tramín

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 21:00 - 21:30

.. ..

9 pm - 9.30 pm Jiří Honc and Zdeněk Štěpánek present: THEATRUM PYROTECHNICUM – a contemporary project based on surviving historical sources on Baroque fireworks such as the manuscript “Halonitro-pyroboliae” from the pistol-maker Josef Furtenbach from 1627. The firework men from Český Krumlov will present the fruits of several years of research and their own discovery works and own constructions bringing to present-time viewers an authentic experience with the magic of returning to times long past. The monastery gardens will be accessible from 8 pm as part of the Night of Open Museums and Galleries and visitors can spend the waiting time (fireworks start at 9.15 pm) by visiting the Monastery ambit or the Church of the Divine Body. Production: Jiří Honc and Zdeněk Štěpánek.
Duration of fireworks: 10 minutes.
Entry: 150 CZK, children under 10 for free. The capacity is limited to 250 persons. Advance ticket sales in the Municipal Theatre cash desk or in the Český Krumlov Info Center. Online reservations on

Eggenberg Brewery Gardens

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 14:00 - 23:00

.. ..

2 pm - 5 pm A Fun-filled Afternoon for Children with Jednota
An afternoon for children filled with surprises, skills and various prize-games and presents for children. “Everything that can be found on the Jednota counters is a delicacy. Now under a new name COOP.”

6 pm - 9 pm "Czech Talent 2010" - South Bohemian Sparrow
First of the quarter-final evenings of the 4th annual country-wide singing contest. 13 singers will perform in front of the jury accompanied by the musical band from Písek “Good Company”. Winners will be decided by the audience by not only SMS messages. This contest is held under the auspices of the hetman of the South Bohemian Region Mr. Jiří Zimola. Partners of the contest are South Bohemian Papers, Czech Radio České Budějovice, TV Gimi, Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s. and others. For more information: Production: Agentura LIVE, Petr A. Jirotka

9.30 pm - 11 pm Good Company

Little Courtyard at the U Malého Vítka Hotel

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 13:00 - 19:00


Organized by the Český Krumlov Foundation Fund of Malý Vítek, partners: Josef Šmejkal, Jan Vondrouš.
1 pm - 7 pm Wine Courtyard
Winemaking presentations – Miroslav Valha
Presentations commence at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm
Tastings of wine juice
Moravian specialties
4 pm - 7 pm Cymbal band - Harafica (from Kudlovice near Uherské Hradiště)

Museum Photo Studio Seidel

Dates From - To
25.09.2010   (Sa) 10:00 - 15:00


10 am - 3 pm Photo taking in the studio
Museum Photo Studio Seidel brings you again the opportunity of being photographed in a historical photo studio and there are also discounted offers for couples and families with children. Advance reservations are recommended starting from 1 September on or or by telephoning 380 712 354. On-the-spot reservation are possible (places not guaranteed).

Sunday 26 September

Svornosti Square

Dates From - To
26.09.2010   (Su) 10:30 - 17:00


10.30 am - 5 pm St. Wenceslas´ Fair

10.30 am - 5 pm Programme of the European Region Danube - Vltava
Presentation of the joint cross-border interests of the South Bohemian and Plzeňský Regions as well as the Regions of Upper and Lower Austria, Lower Bavaria and Upper Paletinate. They will present the idea of a joint European region Danube-Vltava which is supported by all these Regions.
Each Region will present their own cultural programme and presentation stands with information materials and regional specialties for tasting.
Organized by the South Bohemian Region.
10.30 am Opening: hetman of the South Bohemian Region Mr. Jiří Zimola and representatives of all the participating Regions
11 am - 11.40 am South Bohemian Region: Veliký ZUŠ Band
12 pm - 12.40 pm Upper Austria: Feuerwehrmusik Windhaag
1 pm - 1.40 pm Lower Bavaria: Die "Äff-tam-tam - Musikanten" spielen Landlerisch und Zwiefach
2 pm - 1.40 pm Upper Falc: Folklore trifft Jazz: Kapelle Josef Menzl + Hot Blow Banda
3 pm - 3.40 pm Pilsen Region: Chod ensemble Mrákov
4 pm - 4.40 pm Wald- und Mosviertl: Wieselburger Stammtischmusik, Raabser Volkstanzgruppe

Na Ostrově

Dates From - To
26.09.2010   (Su) 10:00 - 14:00


10 am - 2 pm Photo Studio Seidel
Visitors can (even without prior reservation) have their photograph taken in front of a copy of a period background. For a fee you can take away your own portrait in a postcard format. This event takes place in good weather conditions only.

Thuesday 28 September

St. Vitus´ Cathedral

Dates From - To
28.09.2010   (Tu) 11:00 - 19:00


11 am and 4 pm Special Tours of the Church and the St. Wenceslas´ Chapel
Guided tours are narrated by Mr. Petr Pavelec, director of the National Heritage Institute, regional specialized office in České Budějovice

2 pm Theatrical Ensemble Rovnátka ("Braces") - Marie Holková: Story of St. Wenceslas
(by the doors to the St. Vitus´ Cathedral)
Tradition – this is not just a name of a fragrant just-baked cake, or not even a simple name for some folklore. Tradition is much more than that – it is the blood flowing in the veins of a nation from which, even in the coldest winter day, the nation can draw its strength to survive even the toughest times. This is also the case of the St. Wenceslas’ tradition.
We therefore cordially invite you to join us and be inspired by this ancient story of St. Wenceslas told from a fresh perspective by a band of young enthusiastic actors from the theatrical ensemble Rovnátka. Come to be again enriched by the St. Wenceslas’ tradition and consider it in a new light. Performance length: 30 minutes with live music.

6 pm St. Wenceslas´ Holy Mass

Svornosti Square

Dates From - To
28.09.2010   (Tu) 14:30


2.30 pm Guided Tours of the Town
Tours with the guide (in Czech) free of charge, length approx. 90 minutes. Max. capacity 105 persons (3 groups).
For reservations and tickets inquire within the Info Center (Svornosti square) or on

Monasterial Church of the Divine Body

Dates From - To
28.09.2010   (Tu) 19:30


7.30 pm Festive concert to honour St. Wenceslas
Performing: Krumlov Chamber Orchestra and the Municipal Singing Choir Perchta

Additional Programme

Dates From - To
23.09.2010 - 26.09.2010   (Th-Su) 07:30 - 17:30

.. ..

St. Wenceslas´ Balloon Flying
For the second consecutive year, the St. Wenceslas’ balloon flying will take place as part of the St. Wenceslas’ Celebrations. This event will see about 10 participating hot air balloon flying crews. The balloons will start in the morning at around 7.30 am and again in the evening at around 5.30 pm. Starting places will be specified about 1 hour in advance according to current wind conditions (either the meadow behind Castle gardens or the U Trojice camping ground) – for inquiries telephone 724 926 644, 776 116 868, 775 179 069, 777 572 560. You can also inquire within these phone numbers if you are interested in observation trips. Observation trips begin as follows:
* 23 September at 5.30 pm
* 24 September at 7.30 am and 5.30 pm
* 25 September at 7.30 am and 5.30 pm
* 26 September at 7.30 am and 5.30 pm
Half an hour prior to each balloon start you can view the preparation and blowing up of balloons. You are cordially invited by the Český Krumlov balloon flying team.

Programme schedule subject to change!


Free of charge to all attractions (unless otherwise noted).

Organizers of the St. Wenceslas´ Celebrations

Town of Český Krumlov
Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov o. p. s.
Český Krumlov Development Fund s. r. o.
Hana Pelzová – St. Wenceslas’ Fair

General Partner

Budweiser Budvar

Main Partners

Czech Center for Toursism – CzechTourism
Jednota Cooperative in Kaplice


Hotel Bellevue Český Krumlov
CB Auto a.s.
Student Agency
Eggenberg Brewery

The event is supported by

Agency of the Czech ceramic desin, Agentura Live – Petr A. Jirotka, Český Krumlov Foundation Fund of Malý Vítek, Theatrical Ensemble Rovnátka, Egon Schiele Art Center, Ecological Center Šípek, Doxa Gallery, Museum Photo Studio Seidel, Regional Fellowship of the Red Cross, Regional Museum in Český Krumlov, R-Gallery, Knightly Order of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star, Roman Catholic Parish – Český Krumlov Prelature, Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau, Dance club Carmentis, Český Krumlov balloon flying team

Media Partners of the St. Wenceslas´ Celebrations

Hitrádio Faktor, Czech Broadcasting Corporation České Budějovice, Czech Broadcasting Corporation 2 - Prague, Echoes from the towns and cities of the Český Krumlov region, Czech Internet

Organizers of the International Folklore Festival

Folklore Ensemble Růže
National Folklore Association of the Czech Republic
Children’s and Youth House Český Krumlov

The International Folklore Festival is supported by

Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region, Folklore Association of the Czech Republic, Town of Český Krumlov

The International Folklore Festival is held under the auspices

Hetman of the South Bohemian Region Mr. Jiří Zimola, Senator Tomáš Jirsa, Mayor of the town of Český Krumlov Luboš Jedlička

Media Partners of the International Folklore Festival

Folklore Association of the Czech Republic, International Council of the Organizers of the Folklore Art, Folklor Monthly, Children’s’ press agency, ACR Alfta, HALÓ Newspaper, Literary papers, TV Noe, Czech Broadcasting Association, Proglas Radio, Information Center, CzechTourism, Club of Czech Tourists, OSA, Firemen’s Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, Yellow Pages

Organizers of the Programme of the European Region Danube - Vltava

South Bohemian Region, Pilsen Region, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Lower Bavaria and Upper Paletinate

Tourism Service

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