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Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov 2010


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Type: Highlights 2011 - Archive


We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed with their programme to the Advent and Christmas programme in Český Krumlov.



Dates From - To
06.01.2011   (Th) 16:00


Arrival of the Three Wise Men
Three King Collection of the Czech Catolic Charity
Blowing of the Christmas Tree Lights - a small happening as an adequate ending to aour Advent

Beginning: 4 pm

Christmas Fair

Dates From - To
26.11.2010 - 19.12.2010   (Fr-Su) 10:00 - 18:00


A selection of handicraft products and traditional Christmas fare.

26 November - 19 December, Fridays through Sundays
10 am - 6 pm

1st Advent Sunday

Alfa Theatre - Birch Beauty

Dates From - To
28.11.2010   (Su) 15:00


Alfa Theatre, Plzeň
J. Kašová, I. Nesveda - Birch Beauty

The author, artist and puppeteer in one person has been inspired to create this play by a book of the Czech storyteller Jana Kašová “The Ugly Princess”.

Beginning of performance: 3 pm
Performance length: approx. 60 minutes. Entry: 50 CZK

Musical and poetic Advent opening and lighting of the christmas tree

Dates From - To
28.11.2010   (Su) 17:00


An ecumenical opening and blessing by Father Václav Pícha, JC.D., the Vicar of Český Krumlov and Lubomír Braný, pastor of the Czech Hussite Church
Festive lighting of the Christmas tree – Town Mayor Dalibor Carda

Beginning: 5 pm
Performing: Municipal Singing Choir Perchta
Organized by: Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov

2nd Advent Sunday - St. Nicholas

Theatre Rozmanitostí - Christmas of the Three Snowmen

Dates From - To
05.12.2010   (Su) 15:00


Theatre Rozmanitostí, Most
Pavel Polák, Michal Pavlík - Christmas of the Three Snowman

A joyful preparation of a Christmas feast and a fairytale present.
“Once upon a time in a small town at the end of the street there stood a snowman. He was made of three snowballs, he had a pot instead of a cap and in his face there were a carrot stick and coal pieces. He stood there with his head slightly bowed listening to the silent tones of Christmas carols ringing in his metal ear. The delicate snowflakes kept falling… It was Christmas Eve”. So begins the fairytale of the Three Snowmen. Before it commences however, the preparation works must be completed for the Christmas dinner behind the heavenly gate watched over by St. Peter. The jolly little angles have some trouble getting everything ready especially as they are distracted by a curious devil who befriended the angels last Christmas…

Beginning: 3 pm
Performance lenght: approx. 50 minutes
Entry fee: 50 CZK

St. Nicholas Presents Distribution

Dates From - To
05.12.2010   (Su) 17:00


Devilish games with an angelic assistance and the arrival of St. Nicholas.
Performing: town citizens, Theatrical club Českokrumlovská scéna, Childrens’ Singing Choir “Medvíďata“ and others. Games arranged by Antonín Plamínek Pazdera and DDM Český Krumlov.

Beginning: 5 pm
Organized by: Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov

Chamber Music Concert - Trio Furiozo

Dates From - To
27.11.2010   (Sa) 18:30


Šárka Havlíková – flute
Lucie Sirová – violin
Jiří Glowacz – cello

Programme: Mysliveček, Corelli, Händel, folk songs and dances of the 18th century

Music and Colours

Dates From - To
03.12.2010 - 31.12.2010   (Fr-Su) 10:00 - 17:00
03.12.2010   (Fr) 17:00


3 November (Friday), 5 pm
A vernissage of an exhibition showing the history of the School.

On display there will be unique historical documents, examples from period chronicles combined with pieces of art by the pupils of the School. Exhibition organized in cooperation with Regional Museum and the State Regional Archive. Exhibition will be open until the end of December (Fri – Sun 10 am – 5 pm).

Festive Concert

Dates From - To
04.12.2010   (Sa) 17:00


A festive concert to commemorate the 230th anniversary of the Musical School in Český Krumlov. Pupils from all sectors of the Elementary School of Arts will perform (music, fine arts, dancing and literature/drama). There will be performances by singing choirs, ensembles and orchestras.

Joint gathering of former teachers and guests of the Art School Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
04.12.2010   (Sa) 19:30

Playing with the Devil

Dates From - To
03.12.2010   (Fr) 16:00


Charity Flea Market

Dates From - To
11.12.2010 - 23.12.2010   (Mo-Su) 10:00 - 19:00

.. ..

Collection of little and big things which take up space in your attic commences on 1 November. You can bring items or donations to the hostel reception daily between 9 am and 7 pm. We welcome the following items: books, paintings, home, garden and kitchen appliances, ceramic, glassware, china, clothing, shoes, audio and video equipment, bags, suitcases, backpacks, tools, toys, LP plates, audio cassettes, DVD, CD, video tapes, gold, silver, diamonds, telephones, antiques, prams, musical instruments and other items which you no longer need and want to clean out of your house. All items must be in good condition and clean. Your contributions will be on sale from 11 to 23 December from 10 am to 7 pm. Sales proceeds will as usual be donated to the Horní Planá Children´s Home. Over the course of last three years we have donated a total of 164.350 CZK from the sale of items which would have otherwise been dumped.
Come along to pick an unusual Christmas present and make a better Christmas for the children. We thank you in advance for all contributions.
For more information: 380 711 345, 731 564 144 or

Charity concert to benefit the Horní Planá Children´s Home

Dates From - To
11.12.2010   (Sa) 17:00


Performing: El Tenere, Krumlov Classic Guitar Duo, Skippyband and Sandwitch. Apart from music you can look forward to Christmas punch, a wonderful fashion show auction and other fun activities.
Organized by: Travellers´ Hostel

3rd Advent Sunday

Theatre Ludvík - Story of Kate and the Little Devil

Dates From - To
12.12.2010   (Su) 15:00


Ludvík Theatre - Praha
Pavlína Jurková, Jarmila Vlčková - Story of Kate and the Little Devil

This fairy tale about the feisty seamstress Kate, Kuba and a mischievous little Devil will take you through the entire year. Children can experience all four seasons within an hour: spring, summer, autumn and winter. They will be reminded of old habits, traditions, songs and rhymes being used for entire centuries. Children can practice magic together with the little Devil and experience the humorous story of love between Kate and Kuba. Let´s together experience the rites of spring, Easter, harvest, marketplace, St. Nicholas, St. Lucia and of course the Christmas Eve.

Beginning of perfomance: 3 pm
Performance lenght: 55 minutes
Entry fee: 50 CZK

Joint singing at the Christmas Tree

Dates From - To
12.12.2010   (Su) 17:00


Performing: children from local kindergartens and elementary schools. Bryce Belcher together with citizens of the town of all nationalities will sing Silent Night.

Beginning: 5 pm
Organized by: Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov

Dogs´ Christmas

Dates From - To
17.12.2010   (Fr) 13:00 - 18:00


You can bring food for the abandoned dogs or make a financial contribution anytime in the dogs´ home or transfer funds to the account nr. 19-221 241/0100, variable symbol 9616.

4th Advent Sunday

Krapet Theatre - Story of the Bumble Bee Bears

Dates From - To
19.12.2010   (Su) 15:00


Krapet Theatre, Prague
Story of the Bumble Bee Bears

Brumda and Čmelda are two little bumble bees
that are familiar to most of you from TV. Now they experience the winter tale adventure in the middle of a snow-covered meadow. They will luckily overcome all the dangers of the winter thanks to the wise advice of their Mum and thanks to their friends.

Beginning of performace: 3 pm
Performace lenght: 60 minutes
Entry: 50 CZK

Baby Jesus´ Post Office at the Golden Angel

Dates From - To
19.12.2010   (Su) 15:00 - 17:00


As every year you can send the letter to Baby Jesus through the Christmas postmen who will this year arrive with an interactive performance inspired by Czech habits and traditions. Together we will find out how our ancestors lived and we will also sample some of the ancient times´ atmosphere. All performances will be in Old Bohemian style.
Performing: citizens of the town and members of the Theatrical Club Českokrumlovská scéna.

Beginning: 3 pm
Organized by: Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov

Post Office of Baby Jesus

Dates From - To
19.12.2010   (Su) 17:00


Live Bethlehem

Dates From - To
23.12.2010   (Th) 16:30
23.12.2010   (Th) 18:00


A Biblical live image with the singing of Christmas carrols.
Screenplay and direction: Vladimíra
Performing: citizens of the town and local ensembles

Beginnings: 4.30 pm and 6 pm
Organized by: Umělecká beseda Český Krumlov, Municipal Theatre Český Krumlov.
This event is supported by a Český Krumlov municipal grant.

Beary Christmas

Dates From - To
24.12.2010   (Fr) 10:00


This is the twentieth anniversary of this unique event.

Beginning: 10 am
Organized by: Jan Míša Černý and bear friends, music by Kapka.

New Year´s Eve

Dates From - To
31.12.2010   (Fr)

For full listing of all offers by local restaurants please see

Christmas Concerts:

Brixi´s Academic Ensemble

Dates From - To
10.12.2010   (Fr) 17:00


Christmas Concert
Programme: Britten, Martinů, Poulence

Advent Evenfall

Dates From - To
10.12.2010   (Fr) 18:00


Performances: swingtrio with singer Kateřina Chromáková, Singing Quintet Auuuna, Ondřej Valach – clarinet
You can view the Municipal Library after the concert.
Event supported by the Český Krumlov municipal grant.

Christmas Concert of the Folk Song Jitřenka

Dates From - To
11.12.2010   (Sa) 17:00


Festive concert to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Jitřenka ensemble

Krumlov Chamber Orchestra

Dates From - To
12.12.2010   (Su) 18:00


Advent Concert of Krumlov Chamber Orchestra
Programme: Francesco Manfredini, Giuseppe Torelli, Jiří Pavlica
Performing: Krumlov Chamber Ensemble and guests and Municipal Singing Choir Perchta. Directed by: Martin Peschík
Event is supported by the Český Krumlov municipal grant.
Voluntary entry.


Dates From - To
17.12.2010   (Fr) 19:00

The traditional pre-Christmas concert of the band Mirrors joined with the Christmas cookie decoration (from 5 pm). Families with children are welcome.
Organized by: Český Krumlov Foundation Fund U Malého Vítka.

Christmas Mass Concert by Jakub Jan Rybe "Hey Master"

Dates From - To
19.12.2010   (Su) 19:00


Programme: Marc Antoine Charpentier, Pietro Mascagni, František Xaver Thuri, Jan Jakub Ryba, Christmas carols.
Performing: Český Krumlov String Orchestra, Velešín Cathedral Choir, soloists Ladislav Kočár and Marie Pešková
Entry: 100 CZK, pensioners and students 50 CZK
Advance ticket sale: Infocentrum, Svornosti Square


Dates From - To
25.12.2010   (Sa) 17:00


A traditional Christmas concert by the Český Krumlov folk band.

Puer natus in Betlehem

Dates From - To
26.12.2010   (Su) 18:00


A Christmas medieval music concert + musical improvisation
Hana Blochová: vocals, gothic harp, psalteria, percussion
Šárka Havlíková: flute of all sorts

Entry: 90 CZK

I sing on this Christmas - Chairé Ensemble Concert

Dates From - To
28.12.2010   (Tu) 18:00


Czech carols, folk Christmas traditions and storytelling. Chiaré ensemble directed by Josef Krček.
Entry: 100 CZK, lowered entry 50 CZK.

International Music Festival Vivat Organ

Dates From - To
26.12.2010   (Su) 16:30
28.12.2010   (Tu) 16:30
30.12.2010   (Th) 16:30


26 December (Sunday), 4.30 pm
Prof. Jan Hora
Programme: Johann Pachelbel, Georg Muffat, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivldi, Jan Zach, František Xaver Brixi, Karel Blažej Kopřiva, Jan Křtitel Kuchař, Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger
Entry: 200 CZK, reduced 100 CZK (children, pensioners)

28 December (Tuesday), 4.30 pm
Jiřina Dvořáková - Marešová
Girolamo Frescobaldi, Bernard Schmidt, Johannes Woltz, William Byrd, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Jakob Froberger, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Jiřina Dvořáková-Marešová – improvisation on a Christmas song (from the public)
Entry: 200 CZK, reduced 100 CZK (children, pensioners)

30. November (Thursday), 4.30 pm
Drahomíra Matznerová - Chvátalová
Programme: Jan Křtitel Kuchař, Johann Jacob Froberger, Johann Gottfried Walther, Johann Sebastian Bach, Theodor Dubois
Entry: 200 CZK, reduced 100 CZK (children, pensioners)

Musica Bellisima

Dates From - To
30.12.2010   (Th) 17:00


Candlelit concert with a glass of wine.
Entry: 200 CZK (galss of wine included)

Festive New Year´s Eve Concert

Dates From - To
01.01.2011   (Sa) 16:00


Programme: Vivaldi, Mozart, Boccerini, Bach, Dvořák. Glinka and others.
Performing: Pavla Jahodová – harp, Ada Slivanská – violin
Entry: 390 CZK
Advance ticket sale: Infocenter Český Krumlov UNIOS – Castle Information Center, Růže Hotel, Old Inn, Bellevue, Zlatý Anděl, Mlýn and others

Elementary Artistic School Český Krumlov:

Pre-Christmas Concert of the School Pupils

Dates From - To
09.12.2010   (Th) 18:00

I am little boy coming to sing christmas carrols

Dates From - To
14.12.2010   (Tu) 18:00


Pre-Christmas concert by the ensemble Diblíci, Lentilky and guests
Choirmaster: Lukáš Holec

We are bringing you the news

Dates From - To
16.12.2010   (Th) 18:00


Pre-Christmas concert by the ensemble Brumlíci and guests
Choirmaster: Lukáš Holec

Class Concert

Dates From - To
16.12.2010   (Th) 17:00


Performances by the pupils of piano class of Eduard Štěrba.

Time of Joy and Merrines

Dates From - To
19.12.2010   (Su) 15:00


Pre-Christmas concerts of Medváďata and guests
Choirmaster: Lukáš Holec

Advent and Christmas in the Children´s home:

Christmas car racing track

Dates From - To
15.12.2010   (We) 15:00

Workshop for a racing track, open to public.

Christmas performance of the pupils of various classes

Dates From - To
17.12.2010   (Fr) 16:00

Regional Museum in Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
28.11.2010 - 06.01.2011   (Tu-Su) 09:00 - 12:00
28.11.2010 - 06.01.2011   (Tu-Su) 12:30 - 17:00


Story of the Town of Český Krumlov

The largest exhibition project by size and content in the Regional Museum will surely please everyone who wishes to remember or learn about the “life story” of Český Krumlov. Entry: 50 CZK, reduced: 25 CZK (children, students and pensioners), family entry 100 CZK.
On 28 November and 19 December (1st and 4th Advent Sunday) free entry.

Getting to know the Traditions and Habits of Czech Christmas
A creative workshop and a computerized presentation for elementary school pupils. To arrange a viewing please call in advance: 380 711 674.

Museum Photo Studio Seidel:

One Ticket, Two Museums

Dates From - To
27.11.2010 - 28.11.2010   (Sa-Su) 09:00 - 17:00
25.12.2010 - 26.12.2010   (Sa-Su) 09:00 - 17:00

A joint weekend by the Museum Photo Studio Seidel and Egon Schiele Art Center. You can visit two museums for the price of one ticket.
Entry: 120 CZK, reduced entry 70 CZK.

New Year´s Greeting from the Seidels

Dates From - To
12.12.2010   (Su) 09:00 - 17:00


Advent photography in the Museum Photo Studio Seidel.
Would you like to please your loved ones with an original Christmas greeting? Come and have your picture taken in the Museum Photo Studio Seidel. You can strike a pose in front of a period-style background on a sleigh or on ski. You will receive one photograph straight away and a copy will be e-mailed to you. To reserve please go to or e-mail or 380 712 354.

Konvalinková studio

Dates From - To
28.11.2010 - 26.12.2010   (Mo-Su) 10:00 - 17:00

During Advent and Christms time you can buy Bethlehem toys, Advent bowls, ceramic wreaths, chandeliers and angels.


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