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Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2011 - Archive

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..Photogallery 2011



With respect to realization of the concert and related preparatory works, the parking lot P2 “Under the Post Office” will be completely closed between August 15, 7:00 a.m. and August 22, 10:00 p.m.

Planned traffic limitations around the parking lot P2 on Saturday, August 22:

In Latran Street, between Budejovice Gate and the Post Office, parking will be banned between 7 a.m. and 12 a.m.
Parking will be banned also in Pivovarska Street between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., between 2 p.m. and 12 a.m., the street will be completely closed.
In Latran Street, on the bridge by the movie theatre, traffic will be limited for motor vehicles going to the center between 6 p.m. and 12 a.m. Entry will be possible in the most necessary cases only.
Entry will be banned between 2 p.m and 12 a.m. also in U Poraku Street from Ambit towards Eggenberg Brewery. U Poraku Street will be labelled as cul-de-sac from Objizdkova Street.


Besides existing parking lots, on the day of the concert, there will be temporary parking lots. Buses will be able to park not only at the PBUS parking lot in Chvalsinska Street but also at the parking lot (see the map), parking spaces for passenger cars will be available not only at parking lots P1 – Jelenka, P3 – City park, and P4 – Castle garden, but also at the parking lot by Ambit (U Poraku Street), and in Chvalsinska Street. Parking will be resolved similarly like during Celebrations of Five Hundred Years of the Rose.


Confirmed press tickets including special press passes will be available in the office of Auviex in Cesky Krumlov as of August 20, 4 p.m. If the tickets and passes are not picked up in the office, it will still be possible to get them at the box office by the entrance to the parking lot from the wooden bridge over the Vltava river after 6 p.m. During the concert, it will no longer be allowed to enter the auditorium and free movement of journalists around the auditorium or access of backstage will be banned. In case of need to leave the concert venue, journalists will be escorted by the security service. During the concert, photographers will be gathered behind the stands and in the VIP tent. It is strictly banned to make photographs and A/V records during the concert. It will be allowed only after flowers are handed over and during encores with the assistance of the security service. We would like to ask photographers not to use flash. We would also like to ask all press representatives to come early enough to the concert, if possible by 7:30 p.m.

Thanks for your understanding!

..Plácido Domingo

Dates From - To
20.08.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00

Plácido Domingo

70 years, 40 opera seasons, 130 roles - this is the score of the most loved, respected, listened-to, simply the greatest opera artist of the modern era, Placido Domingo, an iron man of opera who is the real renaissance music personality, king of high C's, simply the supertenor...

There is no other singer in the world who so rightfully deserves all these superlatives. Don't you believe? Come and see yourself that Placido Domingo is really a miracle.

Visit Cesky Krumlov on August 20, 2011 and don't miss this really exclusive cultural event you will never forget...

..Ivan Ženatý and Talich Chamber Orchestra

Dates From - To
19.08.2011   (Fr)   Order 19:30

Ivan Ženatý

Violinist Ivan Zenaty is a musician whose name has been a phenomenon in the world of music for a long time. He is one of those great artists whom we have let – unfortunately – leave abroad… IMF Cesky Krumlov however brings him back for once so that you could make sure while listening to the shining solo parts of Bach’s and Mendelssohn’s violin concert that the legendary violinist and conductor Yehudi Henuhin was right when he said about Ivan Zenaty that he proves world class by his technical maturity and glittering tone.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Ramón Vargas

Dates From - To
15.07.2011   (Fr)   Order 20:00

Ramón Vargas

Silver lyrical tenor with narcotic sweet timber, precise technique, excellent usual elegance of legato and softness of pianissimos, suggestive persuasiveness, and briskness of expression - this just a bit of artistic excellence of this "singer of the singers" that words can describe.

Come get enchanted to the Brewery Gardens on July 15, 2011.

..Mischa Maisky

Dates From - To
16.07.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00

Mischa Maisky

Legendary violoncellist

Expression without shallow overplaying, elegance without flat dramatic gestures, accuracy without mechanic roughness…
just perfectly beautiful and full tone of violoncello, sober expression, concentrated passion… simply maturity, intelligence, strength, and heart… these are the main characteristics of the art of one of the greatest violoncellist of the modern era, the only student of Mstislav Rostropovic and Gregor Piatigorsky at the same time, charismatic Mischa Maisky. Come listen to the rich and warm sound of Maisky’s violoncello and you will understand that it sings even nicer than a human voice… on July 16, 2011 in Castle Riding Hall.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Pavel Steidl

Dates From - To
21.07.2011   (Th)   Order 19:30

Pavel Steidl

Master of classical guitar Pavel Steidl returns to IMF Český Krumlov! A student of Stepan Rak, a winner of a respected contest Concours Internationale de la Guitare and an artist of an international reputation, that’s guitarist Pavel Steidl who charms the entire world by soft feeling for nuances, great virtuosity and richness of repertoire. There is no other artist in the world who can responsibly make its audiences both smile and cry by which ingenious interpretation. Don’t you believe? Come make sure that if a guitar is in the right hands, about which we cannot doubt in case of this respected globetrotter and brilliant player Pavel Steidl, then its possibilities are really endless…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Kyrill Rodin and Minjung Kim

Dates From - To
22.07.2011   (Fr)   Order 19:30

Kyrill Rodin

We are going to celebrate the twentieth birthday with friends who pleased us in the past twenty years by their art. One of them will be a great Russian violoncellist of a younger generation, Kyrill Rodin. After a great interpretation of Dvorak’s violoncello concert, in which he proved genuine Slavic nature and interpretation qualities near Czech violoncello school, he will present himself at the festival after two years in a chamber program consisting of works by classical and romantic composers. You can look forward to the charming sound of Rodin’s violoncello in a inner dialog with a piano that will be played by a leading Korean pianist, Minjung Kim… you can look forward to an intimate musical experience in a beautiful environment of the Masquerade Hall.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Immortal Broadway

Dates From - To
23.07.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00


Hot summer night and popular melodies that you know well and that will always have a place in your heart… yes, our series of musical nights continues and you can look forward to a night full of stars not only from the musical world… a night during which three known American singers will transfer you to stages of Broadway musical theaters, to the sparkling world of American musicals, to a breath-taking show that will certainly make you rock. Come relax, have fun, and perhaps even sing one of the popular evergreen songs, let the touching melodies enter your hearts and make sure that the real Broadway of musicals is simply immortal…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Tanja Becker-Bender

Dates From - To
28.07.2011   (Th)   Order 19:30

Tanja Becker-Bender

Absolutely natural virtuosity, phenomenal intensity, and balance in expression, crystal-clear brilliance. These are just a few superlatives that international critics use to describe the young German violinist Tanja Becker-Bender who has managed to get hearts of the festival audience during her debut two years ago thanks to her shining performance in “unplayable” Paganini’s Capriccios. Now she will have a chance to fully develop her art in brilliant Bach’s pieces, which are considered the touchstone for the best artists because of their exceptional complexity. In addition to Bach’s music, she will interpret also a selection of works by a contemporary Romanian-Hungarian composer Gyorgy Kurtag and that creates solid grounds for a deep artistic experience.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Václav Hudeček presents young artists

Dates From - To
29.07.2011   (Fr)   Order 19:30

Václav Hudeček

A concert of an icon of the Czech violin school and a long-term loyal fan of IMF Český Krumlov Vaclav Hudecek will certainly caress your ears and soul. His likeable behavior and style of his play, which combines technical sovereignty and vervely and emotionally rich tone and happiness, which he manages to transfer to the audiences which he charms regardless of what age they are. Vaclav Hudecek systematically looks after also of new Czech interpretation generation by organizing violin courses in Luhacovice every year. He will introduce his best students as guests at his concert dedicated to Bach’s and Vivaldi’s music…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Carlos Piñana and flamenco

Dates From - To
30.07.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00

Carlos Piňana

Do you know what duende is? It is an ecstatic feeling when music completely gets you… And do you know where you will be
able to fully devote yourself to duende? At a concert of an excellent flamenco guitarist Carlos Pinana and his band! Earthly singing, impressive dancing, temperament rhythms of castanets, drums and hands of the musicians during palmas and breath-taking tones of guitarra flamenco… flamy Andalusia, black-haired Spaniards with deep eyes and charmingly dancing girls with raven-like hair and large skirts… you do not have to go to Spain to experience all this – it is enough to visit IMF Český Krumlov. Jaleo!

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Collegium Marianum: Boemo furioso

Dates From - To
04.08.2011   (Th)   Order 19:30

Collegium Marianum

You can come witness that old music hides many treasures that are still waiting for their new disclosure – come to a concert of a leading Czech ensemble that specializes in interpretation of old music the way it was played in its time – Collegium Marianum. Virtuoso concerts and symphonies by unjustly ignored Czech composer Frantisek Jiranek, which will be premiered in Český Krumlov, will please you by their baroque gallantness and Vivaldi-like softness which announced the upcoming classicism. Spend a nice evening with crystal-clear old music which is however full of playful feelings, get to know Boemo furioso!

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..World jazz star Arturo Sandoval

Dates From - To
06.08.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00

Arturo Sandoval

A phenomenal trumpet virtuoso who masters jazz, Latino jazz, popular as well as classical music… a winner of six Grammies, Emmies, and many other awards… a student of legendary Dizzy Gillespie… simply a full-blooded Cuban musician, Arturo Sandoval. He will perform in Český Krumlov! The shining, technically perfect trumpet player will get you just like audiences all around the globe by his fullness, juiciness, and firmness of his tone, famously storming speed of playing as well as gentle feeling for swing… Do not miss the exceptional performance of this trumpet icon and you will understand that it is so easy to love jazz…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..José Cura

Dates From - To
05.08.2011 - 10.08.2010   (Tu-Sa)   Order

José Cura

Do you remember? The rich, velvet voice refined to perfection like a diamond, breath-taking interpretation of unusual emotional depth, fascinating artistic expression. Critically acclaimed, loved by the public, enchanting Jose Cura returns! This time he will return to a "theater with the highest ceiling in the world".

Do not miss the Czech scenic debut of this charismatic artist in a role for which he is called "the Verism King". Don't forget that the Comedians will come to the Revolving Auditorium between August 5 and 10, 2011.

..Tango Soirée - Night with Argentinean music and a glass of wine

Dates From - To
12.08.2011   (Fr)   Order 20:00

Tango Soirée

Beauty, grace, sadness, nostalgia, melancholy, intimacy, obsession, energy, drama, fight, love, pain, passion… all these are in Argentinean tango, a music and dance style born at the end of the 19th century in harbors of Rio de la Plata. A unique mixture of folk music of a number of European countries and music of native Creoles, blacks and Indians, which has little to do with standard British tango and is certainly not just an exotic excess or a dramatic Hollywood show. Learn about the lifestyle that combines beautiful music and singing with elegant dance and its own ethics, visit magic Tango Soiree.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..Slovak night

Dates From - To
13.08.2011   (Sa)   Order 20:00


The tradition of music and gastronomic nights has been a spice of the concert series of the festival in Cesky Krumlov for several years already. This year it will continue with presentation of culture of a nation so close to us that it almost does not need to be introduced… we will visit our Slovak neighbors with the first Slovak “Golden Nigh-tingale”, Meky Zbirka, and the best of Slovak folklore and dance art – Lucnica ensemble. Band Golden violin will play for you while you will be able to have good food and beverages. So don’t forget, this year there will be no lightning over Tatra Mountains but over Cesky Krumlov…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

..The Herold Quartet

Dates From - To
18.08.2011   (Th)   Order 19:30

Heroldovo kvarteto

Excellent quality of current Czech string quartets resembles high standards of interpretation of string chamber ensembles of the end of the 19th century. Herold’s Quartet is one of them. Its members are a perfectly balanced quartet, uniform in the intensity and beauty of tone, natural feeling for music and unusually fresh interpretation. Their obvious fun of music is infectious and along with their fearlessness is breath-taking for the audiences. The Herolds will certainly get your hearts, too, by their live interpretation of Mozart, Sluka, and Dvorak. Come and see it yourself…

Type of offer: for individuals and groups