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Chamber Music Festival 2013 - 27th Year

Chamber Music Festival Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival Český Krumlov

Náměstí Svornosti 2
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Infocentrum Český Krumlov

Telephone: +420 380 704 621


Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2013 - Archiv

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With summer comes a music festival with the oldest tradition in town. Due to being favoured by renowned domestic and international musicians, the once modest local event has gradually grown into a popular cultural event of immense world repute. One of the highly sought-after highlights of the festival programme is Music Through the Ages, which offers excursions of the castle interiors with live music played on contemporary musical instruments. A true pearl for the festival visitors is the genuine 18th-century feast titled Baroque Night at Český Krumlov Castle®.

..Baroque pantomime with music of Antonio Vivaldi's

Dates From - To
28.06.2013   (Fr)   Order 20:00

Cappela Regia

An original theatrical performance with music from The Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi in a staged production by the ensemble Cappela Regia for four actors, singers, dancers, and the baroque theatre in Český Krumlov Castle.

The performance is based on the singular possibilities for staging offered by the unique baroque theatre at Český Krumlov, and these possibilities will be utilized to the fullest extent.

The protagonists are four well-known characters from the Commedia dell’arte:
Harlequin, Columbine, Pantalone, and Il Dottore, and they will be joined by dancers.
Four singers will further enliven the performance.

The action is very free. It is based on the set characteristics and idioms of the Commedia dell’arte set against the picturesque background described by Antonio Vivaldi in the concertos of Quattro Staggioni.

There will also be singing of musical works by A. Vivaldi and J. Brentner (1689 – 1742)

After the performance, awaiting audience members in the 5th courtyard will be light refreshments. Adding color to the moment will be the music of the Krumlov Pipers and a pantomime in baroque masks.

Where: Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov

Valid price list: 30.04.2013 - 28.06.2013

Appropriation Unit Price per unit
Baroque pantomime with music of Antonio Vivaldi's
28. 6. Friday 20:00, Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov
person1000 CZK

..Baroque Night on the Český Krumlov Castle ®

Dates From - To
29.06.2013   (Sa) 19:45

Baroque Night on the Český Krumlov Castle

La Danza, CK Brass Quintet, Ritornello, Chorea Historica, Krumlovští pištci, Vagabundus kolektive

Cappela Regia

Maestro di musici - Robert Hugo

Price: 2 600 CZK.

Where: State Castle Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov

..Organ Concert

Dates From - To
30.06.2013   (Su)   Order 16:00

Robert Hugo

Robert Hugo - organ

Johann Caspar Kerll, Johann Jacob Foberger, Joseph Seger, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, Robert Führer, Johannes Brahms, Padre Giovanni Battista Martini

Price: 150 CZK.

Where: St. Martin Chapel in Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov

..Nokturno and Trio Karageorgiev

Dates From - To
30.06.2013   (Su)   Order 21:30

Trio Karageorgiev

Radka Křížová – violin, singing

Marcela Křížová – piano

Nikola Karageorgiev - violoncello

"Puccini, Dvořák,Schumann, Piazzolla"

Price: 150 CZK.

Where: Hotel Růže, Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov

..Jazz concert

Dates From - To
02.07.2013   (Tu)   Order 19:30

Jiří Stivín

Systém Tandem, Jiří Stivín – flutes and Jaroslav Šindler - guitar

Jazz concert in Hotel Růže.

Price: 150 CZK.

Where: Hotel Růže, Český Krumlov, Horní 154, Český Krumlov

..Český Krumlov String Orchestra and Kateřina Englichová

Dates From - To
03.07.2013   (We)   Order 19:30

Český Krumlov String Orchestra

Český Krumlov String Orchestra
Kateřina Englichová - harp

Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Giulio Caccini

Price: 250 CZK.

Where: Masquerade Hall, Český Krumlov

..Ozvěny Pražského jara

Dates From - To
04.07.2013   (Th)   Order 19:30

Pavel Zemen

Yuka Yoshimura - piano

Pavel Zemen - clarinet

Ravel, Martinů

Price: 300 CZK.

Where: Masquerade Hall, Český Krumlov

..Talich Quartet

Dates From - To
05.07.2013   (Fr)   Order 19:30

Talich Quartet

Jan Talich – I. violin,

Petr Maceček - II. violin

Vladimír Bukač – viol

Petr Prause - violoncello

Price: 300 CZK

Where: Masquerade Hall, Český Krumlov

..Eben Trio

Dates From - To
06.07.2013   (Sa)   Order 20:30

Eben Trio

Außergewöhnliche Konzert Anfang: 20.30 Uhr.

Haydn, Eben, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Price: 300 CZK.

Where: Masquerade Hall, Český Krumlov

..Duo Siempre Nuevo

Dates From - To
07.07.2013   (Su)   Order 19:30

Duo Siempre Nuevo

Matěj Freml a Patrik Vacík – guitars

Barbora Polášková – mezzo-soprano

"Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Caldara, Janáček, de Falla"

Price: 300 CZK.

Where: Masquerade Hall, Český Krumlov