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Carnival in Český Krumlov Carnival in Český Krumlov

Náměstí Svornosti 2
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Infocentrum Český Krumlov

Telephone: +420 380 704 622


Location: Český Krumlov
Type: Highlights 2014 - Archive

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A renewed tradition of a folk carnival celebration complete with a typical colourful costume procession accompanied with street performers, jugglers and musicians. There will also be a rich feast and dancing to prepare everybody for the fasting period following the carnival.


Dates From - To
01.03.2014   (Sa) 11:00

Carnival feast, Český Krumlov Shrove tide - illustration photo

Please accept our invitation for the traditional carnival feast taking place in a heated tent in the Eggenberg Brewery gardens. The event schedule includes:

* Pork delicacies
* Confectionery
* Stalls with traditional souvenirs and specialties
* Live performance by Corso band
* Children’s playpen
* FREE entry

Organized by: Sdružení cestovního ruchu Český Krumlov, o.s.

Where: heated tent, Eggenberg Brewery Garden, Nové město, Český Krumlov


Dates From - To
04.03.2014   (Tu) 16:00

Carnival procession through the town, Český Krumlov Carnival procession through the town, Český Krumlov

A procession of pupils of the Artistic Elementary School (AES) in Český Krumlov, students of Secondary School of Arts and Industry of St. Agnes of Bohemia, along with citizens, artists and musicians of Český Krumlov – 8th year. The parade will take place this year in the spirit of baroque splendor and weirdness.

Processional route: St. Vitus Churchyard – Horní Street – Svornosti Square – Široká street – Dlouhá Street – Radniční Street - Barber Bridge – Latrán – Monastery Street - 1st Castle Courtyard – and back to AES Hall

Organized by: Artistic Elementary School in Český Krumlov

Where: Town centre, Český Krumlov

..Programme is subject to change



* Český Krumlov Tourist Association, o.s.
* Artistic Elementary School in Český Krumlov


* Český Krumlov City Administration
* Český Krumlov Development Fund, s.r.o.