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Žofín Primaeval Forest

Žofín Primaeval Forest

Pohorská Ves 45
38241 Kaplice 1
Contact: Obecní úřad Pohorská Ves

Telephone: +420 380 326 030
Fax: +420 380 326 030
Mobile phone: +420 724 861 990


Location: Region of Český Krumlov
Type: Nature, technical, military monuments

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The Preotected area of Žofín Primaeval Forest ranks among the highest possible protection category - National Park. It is situated in the middle part of the Novohradské Mountains.

Žofín Primeval Forest, along with Hojná Voda Primeval Forest nearby, are the oldest reserves in Middle Europe. The protection of both areas was ordered by the owner of Nové Hrady manor, Count Jiří František August Buquoy on 28th of August 1838. The primaeval forest documents the continuous development of the vegetation up to now without any changes made by woodsmen.

As the undisturbed development of the ecosystem of the primaeval forest must be secured, Žofín is inaccessible for visitors. Extraordinarily some professionals are allowed to enter the park.

Accessibility by road:
Bus connection - lines with the destination: Benešov nad Černou, Pohorská Ves