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Parking in the town

Parking automobily CAR PARKING
In the vicinity of the centre are by the municipal parking system offered approximately 680 parking spaces for passanger vehicles on five Car Parks P1 - P5. Apart from this the visitors with passanger vehicles can use the parking spaces on local communications with Parking Meters, which are advantageous only for shortterm parking up to 90 minutes.

Parking autobusy COACH PARKING
Tour buses are prohibited from stopping anywhere within the town territory except for designated on- and off-boarding areas marked BUS-STOP. Tour buses are also prohibited from parking anywhere except for reserved locations marked P-BUS. Vehicle entry into the pedestrian zone and some roads in Český Krumlov is prohibited. NEW TOUR BUS REGULATIONS FROM 6/2019.

Pricelist of parking products and services

Map of Parking

Enter to the town center by car

Pěší zóna Historical town centre is a dedicated pedestrian zone. Motorized vehicle access is restricted to special cases subject to Municipal Authoritity permit with a time limitation.

Without permition can enter the town centre only emergency cars, disabled persons and Ambulance vehicles.

Persons with proof of accommodation at an accommodation facility within the pedestrian zone:
• Entry is restricted to a time slot between 3 pm and 10.30 am with a one-time valid permit to enter the pedestrian zone
• Permit price: 100 CZK per max. 24 hours; Permits are issued by the Český Krumlov Municipal Police. Accommodation facility operators can buy one-time entry permits in advance for their guests.
• Outside of the permitted time slots, it is necessary to use a taxi service for transport of persons or bags to and from the pedestrian zone
The permit authorizes its holder to enter the pedestrian zone to transport persons and bags to and from the accommodation facility only. It is not a permit to park the vehicle within the pedestrian zone.

Town centre residents, i.e. citizens with a permanent residency within the pedestrian zone, as well as their children, spouses and companions sharing the household as well as TAXI cars can enter the town centre without any restrictions with a valid permit to enter the pedestrian zone.

Subscribers, i.e. real estate owners or commercial real estate tenants as well as cars providing occasional personal transport (such as shuttle cars):
• Entry is restricted to a time slot between 4 pm and 10 am with a valid permit to enter the pedestrian zone

Map of Parking