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Český Krumlov Wine Festival® 18th October - 23rd November 2019

Wines of Independent winemakers of France, Italian wines from the Bolgheri and Piemonte region, wines from the regions situated along the Loire and Rhine River, German and Austrian Rieslings.ů-df, iconic wines from the New World conducted by sommelier Ivo Dvořák, but also a completely new concept of Czech & Slovak evening or the unique opportunity to try on, how to enjoy wine with all your senses - all this and much more will be offered by the Český Krumlov Wine Festival from October 18 to November 23. 

The 8th annual Wine Festival Český Krumlov ® will begin on Friday October 18 in the monastery courtyard ´Tramín´. This year again, the leading Czech sommeliers and winemakers such as Michal Šetka, Ivo Dvořák, Klára Kollárová, Christophe Garnier, Miroslav Kovács or Jan Čulík will be coming to Český Krumlov.

This year, the organizers of the festival prepared a new concept of the traditional Czech-Slovak Evening, which will take place on Monday October 28 in the Prelature halls and will be designed as a free tasting for more visitors. Here you can meet and taste wines from the most important wineries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Znovín Znojmo, Wine Nitra and Chateau Modra. The Wine & Gastronomy & Culture programme, which is an integral part of the festival, will offer lots of possibilities to enjoy delicious wines and gastronomic specialties. You can look forward to wines of Independent winemakers of France, wines from the regions situated along the Loire and Rhine River, or to the possibility to try how to taste wine correctly as a part of the so-called Sommelier minimum. For the first time, the festival programme will come also to České Budějovice. On Saturday, October 26, will be in restaurant Plzeňka u Zelené ratolesti prepared wine tasting from the best regions of Italy - Tuscany, Bolgheri and Piemonte. In the form of a 5-course menu you´ll be able to experience the best seasonal ingredients from all over Italy. And that's not nearly all. Choose from a rich offer of enticing programme at

This year again there will be the traditional St. Martin´s Arrival on 11 November at 11.11 am on Svornosti square and St. Martin´s wine and menu in partner restaurants from November 11 until November 17. The popular Castle Wine Celebration will culminate on Saturday November 23 at the Castle Riding Hall.

Tickets can be purchased at the Information Centre Český Krumlov or online under, where we offer the possibility to buy e-tickets too. Choosing and shopping can be done simply from the comfort of your home.

Please, accept our invitation for a pleasant stay with wine and renowned sommeliers and winemakers! We look forward to you!