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Magical Krumlov 2011

Tyjátrfest Kutná Hora, 29th April 2011

Spring photo session titled “First Lady = Mum”, 30th April 2011

Opening of the Event and Krumlov fair, 30th April 2011

Announcement of the race results "Krumlov Hastrman", 30th April 2011

Childrens afternoon and Artistic elementary school festival, 30th April 2011

Joint decoration of the maypole and ERECTION OF THE MAYPOLE, Lighting the fire, 30th April 2011

Christening of a new card by local cultural institutions - Český Krumlov Card, 30th April 2011

Concerts by bands from Český Krumlov and Lantern procession, 30th April 2011


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