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PhDr. Pavla Josefina Benettová, Ph. D.

Mgr. Pavla Josefina Benettova, Ph.D

Český Krumlov
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: PhDr. Pavla Josefina Benettová, Ph.D.

Telephone: +420 606 639 838


Location: Region of Český Krumlov

Language knowledge: CZ, DE, EN, IT

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Valid price list: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020

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Pleas at the block "Further Details and Requirements" write as the type of choosen guided tour: (A.) City Tour, (B.) City and Castle Tour, (C.) Cesky Krumlov and its Theatrical History, (D.) Mystical Cesky Krumlov and its genius loci - Energy centers, me0 CZK
Tour group - 1,5 hoursGroup1200 CZK
Tour group - 2 hoursGroup1500 CZK

..A. City Tour

Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov

After strolling through the historic center, we'll visit several main attractions as well as wander through some of the city's outlying streets, escaping the crowds and enjoying the wonderful historic atmosphere of this medieval gem. This tour lasts about two hours.

..B. City and Castle Tour

Pavla Benettová - Castle garden Český Krumlov

On this three hour tour, we'll not only visit the historic town center, but also view the interior of the Cesky Krumlov castle (available April through October). The unique installations in the castle rooms will surprise you with their authentic representation of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Our walk ends with a stroll to the castle garden, which is breathtaking in every season.

..C. Cesky Krumlov and its Theatrical History

Pavla Benettová - Carnival, Český Krumlov

The Castle Theater is the most well-preserved Baroque theater in the world. It's truly a one-of-a-kind example of the theatrical art of the 17th and 18th centuries. On this tour, we will explore its interior as well as walk through the city, learning about the ephemeral art of our ancestors.

..D. Mystical Cesky Krumlov and its genius loci - Energy centers, menhirs, Flower of Life

Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov

Let's explore the magical corners of this town filled with mystical energy. On this tour, we'll stop by powerful energy centers and also by sacred symbols like the Flower of Life, narration about menhirs (monoliths) of ancient Celts and Slavs and from present.

..Additional services

Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov

Italian language translation and private lessons in Italian.


Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov - foto L. mrázek Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov Pavla Benettová, Český Krumlov