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Malecek rafting & canoe

Maleček rafting & canoe Boat trip - Cesky Krumlov

Rooseveltova 28
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Josef Maleček

Telephone: +420 702 000 802
Mobile phone: +420 602 744 074


Location: Český Krumlov

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Language knowledge: CZ, DE, EN


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  • Historical sightseeing cruises - Wooden rafting

List of offers:

Malecek Rafting and Canoe - experience, tradition and expertise - since 1992. One and more - Day Trips on Vltava river.
Rafts and canoes.
Price includes:
boats, life jackets, paddles, dry bags, map, briefing, transport of our clients and of our boats to the beginning of the trip or from the end of the trip.

Accessibility by road:
opposite the town theatre

..Malecek Rafting and Canoe

Beginning of the trip on the Vltava river Boat rental Vltava - Malecek rafting & canoe Boat rental Vltava - Malecek rafting & canoe

Begin your Vltava River experience by selecting your route and choosing the type of boat you would like to take down the river. We will transport you and your boat to the launching point and arrange for your pick up at the end of your trip. We can also agree on a starting point where your boats will be waiting for you and at the end of your route we'll collect the boats for return to Český Krumlov. You will be provided with paddles, life jackets, canoe bags or barrels and a river map. We can also offer you guided river tours where you'll be accompanied by a certified Water Tourism guide.

Valid price list: 01.05.2020 - 27.09.2020

Appropriation Unit price per unit
A1a. City cruise around Cesky Krumlov (30 min), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)person350 CZK
A1b. City cruise around Cesky Krumlov (30 min), big raft (4-7 PAX)person300 CZK
A2a. Vetrni - C. Krumlov (1-2h), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)person400 CZK
A2b. Vetrni - C. Krumlov (1-2h), big raft (4-7 PAX)person350 CZK
B1a. Piskarna - C. Krumlov (3-4h), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)person500 CZK
B1b. Piskarna - C. Krumlov (3-4h), big raft (4-7 PAX)person400 CZK
B2a. C. Krumlov - Zlata Koruna (3-4h), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)pesron500 CZK
B2b. C. Krumlov - Zlata Koruna (3-4h), big raft (4-7 PAX)person400 CZK
C1a. Rozmberk - C.Krumlov (6-9h), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)person850 CZK
C1b. Rozmberk - C.Krumlov (6-9h), big raft (4-7 PAX)person500 CZK
C2a. Vyssi Brod - C. Krumlov (7-10h), small raft / canoe (2-3 PAX)person950 CZK
C2b. Vyssi Brod - C. Krumlov (7-10h), big raft (4-7 PAX)person600 CZK
Historical raftingPerson390 CZK

..Price list