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Dolní Dvořiště

Dolní Dvořiště

Dolní Dvořiště
38272 Dolní Dvořiště
Contact: Ing. Krenauer Alfréd

Telephone: +420 380 324 208
Fax: +420 380 324 178


Location: Region of Český Krumlov

Municipal Office

Municipal Office

Basic information

Geographical area : 8978 ha

Altitude : 617 m above sea level



Dolní Dvořiště
Rychnov nad Malší

Town History

.. Town Seal

Origin of the Name :
1279 - Merica
1364 - Dworziscz
1379 - Dworzischcze
1457 - Dworzist, Niderhaid
1589 - Dworzisstie Dolnij
1598 - Unterhaidt
1720 - Unter Hayd

The first written mention of the town is from 1279. It was established by the lords of Rosenberg in the 13th century, but it 1380 it already appears as a small township with its own seal. After the Rosenbergs died out, the town passed itno the ownership of the lords of Švamberk, from whom it was seized in 1620 due to a revolt and given to Karel Bonaventura Buquoy.

Town Seal :
On a blue shield is a five-posted silver pallisade weaved with horizontal sticks. Behind the pallisade, two rotund silver two-storeyed towers stand out with a cornice between both storeys. The towers culminate with a five-shadowed battlement and a pointed red roof with gold poppies. Between the towers is a red five-petaled rose with a golden center and green calixtine leaves.

Tales and legends :
When the Virgin Mary was wandering through the town, she stepped up onto a large stone to look around. The stone broke and formed a crack which has been growing wider ever since. When the fissure becomes wide enough for a loaded vehicle to pass through, it will be the end of the world.

Curiosities and Characters :
Dolní Dvořiště is the birthplace of the German writer Hans Watzlik (1879 -1948)

Local Historical structures

Baroque statue of St. Jan Nepomucký Church Dolní Dvořiště

Parish church of St. Jiljí - originally founded in 1279, today's building from around 1400. The main period of the building took place in the second half of the 15th century (finished in 1507). One of the best examples of South Bohemian late gothic.

Town Hall with turret from 1850 on older foundations.

Baroque statue of St. Jan Nepomucký from 1726 and fountain on town square.

Remains of teamed horse trail

Rychnov nad Malší - gothic church of St.
Ondřej from the beginning of the 14th century

Svatý Kámen Pilgrimage Church - church of the White Virgin Mary resting on a stone - originally a baroque monastery with church and chapel from 1653

Cetviny - gothic church of the birth of the Virgin Mary, first mentioned in 1384

Fortified Settlement of Tichá - remains of a sentry castle from the 13th century

Lake - memorial to František Antonín
Gerstner - builder of the Horse-drawn Railway


Very nearby is an area proposed to become a natural reservation, Horní Malše with a number of critically endangered types of species (for example pearl-oysters).