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Rallye Český Krumlov

The tradition of the car race, which belongs among the top motor events in the country, began in 1971. The race track leads both contestants and spectators to interesting places of the region that otherwise remain concealed from many visitors. The start of the race as well as the winners' ceremony taking place in the vicinity of the historical centre are always a welcome spectacle among youths keen on roaring engines, and other fans.


Rallye Český Krumlov

The Český Krumlov Rally follows its broad a successful history. The first event was organized in 1971 as an amateur benchmark car race and since the second year of its existence it reached the highest level. From a regional event through Bohemian championship it soon became the top republic action. During 1982-1983 the course of events was shortly interrupted due to decision to reduce number of championships and disagreement of the organizers with the new situation. As a result of that this event continued since 1984 again as a regional race. Nevertheless quality of the tracks as well as good organization team and popularity of this event soon resulted in reclassification of the Český Krumlov Rally as a national championship.
After 1990 the new management followed the best tradition and the Český Krumlov Rally became the top event among the domestic rally. During the first five years the general partner was Motor Jikov České Budějovice replaced by Import Volkswagen Group since 1996. The rally was associated with the Volkswagen brand from 1996 to 2001. Since 2002 the general partnership overtook the SEAT division to 2005.
Together with Barum rallye Zlín and Rallye Šumava Klatovy Rallye Český Krumlov has been, after 37 successful years, the third oldest competition in the Czech Republic. Last year it joined the FIA European Cup. For several years veteran motor car show has been an integral and popular part of Rallye Český Krumlov. Organisers can be also proud of primacy in demonstrative rides of rally legends that were brought to domestic tracks in 2007.

In such a rich history the Český Krumlov Rally attended many top Czech and Czechoslovakian racers and names of many of them are recorded in the gallery of the winners. One of the most successful racer is Jiří Urban who kept winning from 1972 to 1976 with Škoda 120S car. Recently Václav Pech wan twice with Ford Focus WRC (2002 and 2003)). Milan Dolák wan three times from 1997 to 1999 every time with Toyota car and the most successful participants in the long race history are two famous Czech racers Leo Pavlík and Ladislav Křeček who both wan the Český Krumlov Rally four times. Leo Pavlík wan in 1978 through 1980 with legendary Škoda 130RS car and Renault 5 Alpine as well as with Audi Quattro in 1989. Ladislav Křeček dominated to the race in 1981 with his Škoda 130RS and during 1992 and 1993 with Ford Sierra Cosworth and for the last time again with Ford Escort Cosworth in 1996. The list of the race winners also includes names of Italians Deila and Bertone who wan in 1994 and 1995. Roman Kresta, who holds already 5 victories, has been the most successful due to the last three years.

Rallye Český Krumlov

During the last years the rally tracks lead through various places of South Bohemia. Nevertheless the most significant part of the race takes place within the Český Krumlov district while of course some locations in the adjacent České Budějovice and Prachatice districts are included. The famous speed tests in the Kleť mounting surroundings were substituted by demanding sections such as Přídolí and Malonty which are in various forms recorded in the race itinerary since the rally establishment. The popular „Malonty" speed test which is approximately 30 km long is one of the most famous in the Czech Republic. The "Tisovka" or "Kohout" locations can be already considered legendary.

Since the first year the historical town Český Krumlov remains the rally centre. For several years the modern cars start from the Deer Garden with a silhouette of the large Český Krumlov historical castle in the back. Gradual approach of the competition to spectators has been bringing them to České Budějovice for several years, where the service parking site is situated. Tens of thousands of spectators come every year to Český Krumlov area to watch the rally which is by many people considered as the best one in the Czech Republic.

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