Accommodation booking – information how to send the booking form

Dear clients,

By sending your accommodation booking you agree to pass the information mentioned in the form in order to make your reservation.

Your booking can be made as follows:

  1. by booking directly with the accommodation provider. In that case your booking confirmation and further assistance is only made through the accommodation provider.

  2. by booking through Czech Krumlov Infocentre. In that case your booking will be confirmed by Infocentre on the basis of the statement made by the accommodation provider. If there is not availability, we will offer other accommodation possibilities of similar parameters. Any details entered into the form will not be used for other purposes and will not be pass to other people. Verified by Infocentre of Czech Krumlov.

Selected process of your reservation will be known before accommodation booking that you can print and it will also be sent to your email address.

Sending accommodation booking can not ensure your reservation unless it has been confirmed by the accommodation provider or Czech Krumlov Infocentre. By confirmation of your booking you agree to pay cancellation charges. You will be informed of cancellation terms by confirming your reservation.

The operator of Catalogue of Accommodation 2005 and booking system is not liable for details of individual accommodation facilities mentioned on the web site. All the information is places by accommodation providers themselves.

Make your reservation through Infocentre of Czech Krumlov daily from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. on the following telephone number or by fax or email.

Infocentre Czech Krumlov
Tel: +420 380 704 622-3, fax: +420 380 704 619

Official Information System:
Tel: +420 380 704 614