Current Covid-19 rules

What are the conditions for participating in leisure activities such as visits to monuments, museums, galleries and cultural events? What are the rules for visiting restaurants and for accommodation? You can find all the information on the website, below summarized the most important links.

Testing possibilities in Český Krumlov

Testing point in Český Krumlov

Are you coming to Krumlov and didn’t have time to do a test at home? Are you planninng to stay longer than 7 days or are you returning home and need a new test? You can be tested even without previous registration.


Accommodation services can be provided to everyone now if the person(s) interested in booking such a service do/es not manifestate any COVID-19 symptoms and prove having met one of the conditions described in the O-N-T System: Vaccination - Past Illness - Test (required only for persons above 6 years of age). These persons are allowed to book a stay for up to 7 days; they are obligated to meet the conditions again or to undergo an on-the-spot self test after 7 days if they wish to stay longer, the self test has to result negative.


There are no longer any restrictions on opening hours. It is necessary to wear a respirator or other protective equipment without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (class FFP2 / KN 95) in the indoor and outdoor premises of the establishment. You can take the protective equipment off when consuming food and drinking. 

It is necessary to wear a mask when in a shared space. During your stay, follow all hygienic rules and try to stay in your room whenever possible. 

A customer (this does not apply to children under 6 years of age) may enter the outdoor and indoor areas of the dining facility as long as he/she does not have symptoms of covid-19 and can demonstrate, upon possible inspection by a health officer or police officer, that he/she meets at least one of the conditions described in the O-N-T System: Vaccination - Past Illness - Test (link bellow). 


Rules and recommendations for holding cultural events and operating cultural facilities, conditions on the part of visitors.