Baroque Night in Český Krumlov Castle®

A stunning experience where the castle gardens will come to life...

1st – 4th Castle Courts, Masquerade Hall, Casing Hall, Baroque Theatre, Castle Garden

Jiří Stivín, Alla Danza, CK Brass Quintet, Ludus musicus, Histriones Pragenses, Krumlov Pipers, Vagabundus kolektive, pupils of the Primary Arts School in Český Krumlov as a pantomime in Baroque masks and children’s Schwarzenberg Guard


A Baroque opera
André Grétry (1719–1794)
artistic director ROBERT HUGO

The Baroque Night at the Český Krumlov Castle® is a stunning experience where the castle gardens will come to life when the Eggenbergs and Schwarzenbergs were the local lords. It is they who have the greatest credit for building a magnificent Baroque theater. Celebrations and fun, ceremonies and rituals, the desire for representation and the show was inherent in the 18th century.

Sixteen years ago, they became the inspiration for the first Baroque night at the Český Krumlov Castle, which follows up on these Baroque festivals and entertainment.

The evening is full of dances, music, theater, promenades, gastronomic experiences, nobles, elegance, but also mood and merriment in the magical atmosphere of the flickering candle flame in the contemporary interiors and exteriors of the castle. Performing performers specializing in the authentic execution of Baroque art


  • State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov
    381 01 Český Krumlov
  • 2700 CZK
  • map
  • 24.6.2022 / Fr / 19:30
  • 25.6.2022 / Sa / 19:30

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