What to do in Český Krumlov on rainy days

Have you been looking forward to enjoying the atmosphere during romantic walks on your holiday in Krumlov, but the weather has conspired against you? Don't worry. Even if you're greeted by ropes of rain instead of sunshine during your stay in Krumlov, you'll still have plenty to do. Here are a few tips.

Castle tours

Choose one from the three offered guided tours, or take all three. Each of them will introduce you to the life of the nobility at the Krumlov Chateau in a different period. The third tour is a special one and will stay in your mind for a long time – will take you to the unique Baroque castle theatre, where you will see its preserved original stage, scenery and theatre costumes.

Fun and relaxation in the Monasteries and 3+ Gallery

Enticing expositions of Krumlov Monasteries, creative workshops or fun games in the 3+ Gallery that will keep you busy for half a day are the best way to enjoy Krumlov in rainy weather. As soon as you cross the threshold of the monastery grounds, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you're a history buff or looking for more interactive fun for you and your kids, you're guaranteed to be at the right place. Just enter and the journey through the world of fantasy can begin.

New expositions in Port 1560

On 29 February 2024, Port 1560 opened its doors. The former manor brewery has undergone an extensive and successful renovation and will offer visitors four exhibitions: Life, Work, Art and Dreams. You will see how life used to be, how beer used to be brewed, and view the best of modern art. You can spend a whole day in a beautiful setting with a fantastic genius loci.

The obvious choice – museums and galleries

When the weather is not exactly screaming outdoor walks, head to a museum or a gallery. There are so many in Český Krumlov that you could spend your whole holiday there. From the "famous" ones to the lesser known ones have a lot to please the eye, both connoisseurs and art lovers, as well as families with children, will find something to enjoy here.

Adventurous and tasty treats

The night is still young and it is raining outside? Go to a café or for a lovely dinner. There are countless options in Krumlov. Fancy a Czech classic? Or do you prefer something Italian? Are you tempted to try old Czech cuisine? Or would you like to indulge in fish specialties? Choose according to your taste and treat yourself to a gourmet journey through Krumlov.

Exploring the surroundings

Don’t worry about being bored even if you have run out of inspiration and feel like you've visited everything under the roof in Krumlov. There are several options within easy reach of Krumlov to make your holiday more enjoyable in gloomy weather – car or a bud will get you there easily. Explore the history of the local region or the life of the Cistercian monks in the monasteries of Vyšší Brod and Zlatá Koruna, or the cradle of the powerful Rosenberg family at Rožmberk Castle.