A countryside full of treasures

No matter which side of the world you come to Krumlov from, you will always be enchanted by the picturesque landscape and beauty of the Český Krumlov region. Is is full of treasures both architectural and natural, known and undiscovered.

Mount Klet'

The highest peak of the Blanský Forest, Mount Klet', is a dominant feature of the Český Krumlov region. You can climb it from Krumlov on foot, by bicycle or by train and then by chairlift from Krasetín. From the local lookout tower, which by the way is the oldest stone lookout tower in Bohemia, you will be rewarded with an amazing panorama of the Alps in good visibility.

Chvalšinsko and Kájov

If you head west from Český Krumlov along the Chvalšinská road, you will come across another of the treasures of our region. The château park in Červený Dvůr, just 8 kilometres from Krumlov, is a national cultural monument; in Chvalšiná, you can learn about Josef Rosenauer, the builder of the Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal, in the local museum; in Boletice, you can marvel at the enchanting Romanesque church; and in Kájov, you can soak up the atmosphere of one of the oldest Marian pilgrimage sites in the country.

Zlatá Koruna a Dívčí kámen

The monastery in Zlatá Koruna (8 km north-east of Český Krumlov) is one of the most valuable complexes of Gothic architecture in Central Europe and will introduce you to the life of Cistercian monks many centuries ago. A few kilometres away, in Třísov, the nature trail will take you back to the time of Celts, and you will learn about the southernmost Celtic oppidum in Bohemia. The trail will lead you to the romantic ruins of the Gothic castle of Dívčí kámen, where you will get the impression that history and nature come together in perfect harmony when you look at the remains of this formerly imposing Rosenberg Castle.


Follow the Rosenbergs upstream the Vltava River

If you head upstream along the Vltava from Krumlov, you will follow in the footsteps of the Rosenbergs. After about 20 kilometres, you will discover the well-known landmark above the Vltava and the cradle of the Rosenberg family, Rosenberg Castle. In addition to a tour of the castle itself, do not miss the views from the renovated Gothic tower of Jakobínka. You can also follow the Rosenberg a few kilometres further to the Cistercian monastery in Vyšší Brod, where a legendary monastery is hidden under the floor of the local church.

Undiscovered and lesser-known places

Zátoň, Světlík, Pasovary, Slavkov... Have you ever heard of these places? Some of them disappeared from the map for good, but fortunately, after 1989, they could come back to life again. But they have certainly not become tourist destinations, so you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the South Bohemian countryside undisturbed.