TOP 10 Experiences in Krumlov and Its Surroundings

Sightseeing cruises on wooden rafts, photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Do you want to take away experiences from your visit to Krumlov that you will never forget? Then you should find out what the so-called Krumlov Challenges are. Here are TOP 10 experiences that you should definitely not miss. Don’t wait and experience the best of Český Krumlov and its surroundings preferably today or tomorrow!

Discover Art in the Egon Schiele Art Centrum

While walking along Široká Street, it would be hard to miss the Renaissance building of the former town brewery. The world-famous gallery, named after the world-famous painter and graphic artist Egon Schiele, attracts visitors every year with works by important personalities of the visual arts and a permanent Egon Schiele exhibition.

Have a Picture Taken at the Seidel Photo Studio

Transport yourself to the period of the First Republic, put on a period costume and have your photo taken just like you would have done a hundred years ago. Literally - in the same studio and in front of the same backdrop. The unique Art Nouveau Museum Fotoateliér Seidel offers the opportunity to experience the museum in a different way and to mix fun with a piece of nostalgia.

See What’s Under the Ground in the Graphite Mine

The extensive labyrinth of the former graphite mine attracts especially families with children. The opportunity to put on a special suit, pick up a mining lamp and take a ride on the original mine train offers a certain touch of adventure. During the tour, you will learn how the mining was carried out, how the graphite was processed and what was made from it.

Entertain the Whole Family in the Monasteries

Do you think you could handle living in the Middle Ages? You can try it in the Krumlov Monasteries and experience history in a different way. Have your children ever worn a real chainmail shirt or played with the toys that the children of noblemen used to play with? What about moms, aren't you tempted to make your own perfume? You'll spend an afternoon in the interactive exhibit and you won't even know where the time went. If dad is getting bored, send him to the blacksmith’s smithy in the Craft Alley or the brewing exhibition. Or to ... - there's a lot that monasteries have to offer, you just have to enter.

Experience Theatre Performance under the Open Sky

Everyone who visits the Open-air Revolving Auditorium will take away an exceptional cultural experience from the performances held under the open sky on summer nights. Whether you choose drama, opera or ballet, you can be sure that you will always be drawn into the action and experience something magical in the natural scenery of the castle garden with the Bellaria Summerhouse as a backdrop.

Hike to the Cross Hill 

Although you will have to engage all your muscles and you might even get a little out of breath, this hike is well worth it! The incredible views and the strong energy you feel in every corner of this memorable spiritual place will literally intoxicate you. The perfect place to calm your mind. You should not miss a visit to the pilgrimage site with the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Cross.

Go down the Vltava River

Going down the Vltava River in a canoe, raft, paddleboard or by other means - who could resist. The impressive scenery of the historic part of Český Krumlov and the five Krumlov sluices create an unforgettable boating experience. An unrepeatable atmosphere is offered by sightseeing cruises through the centre of Krumlov on a model of a historic raft.

Take a Bike Ride around Krumlov

The gently undulating landscape around Krumlov, interwoven with a dense network of well-posted and maintained cycle paths, is literally a paradise for cyclists. You can take the newly created cycle path from Český Krumlov centre towards the former military training area of Boletice or take the advantage of the close proximity of the Kleť Mountain and ride along one of the routes through the forested landscape full of natural beauty.

Taste the Local Beer

The tradition of brewing beer in Krumlov goes back to the very beginnings of the town, so if you want a glimpse into its history, you should try the local beer. You can take - for example - a guided tour of the brewery, where you can get close to the craft of brewing and to the entire production process.

Ride Downhill from the Kleť Mountain on a Kick-bike

Have you decided to climb to the highest peak of Blanský Forest and visit the oldest lookout tower in Bohemia? Before you head back from Kleť, we have a tip for another "best". Do you know the fastest way down? We do – on a kick-bike. Rent it at the top, return it at the bottom of the hill in town. A nice change of pace, don't you think?