In Český Krumlov with kids

With kids in Český Krumlov, source: DMO Český Krumlov Region, z. s., photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Have fun in Český Krumlov and its colourful surroundings with the whole family and spend relaxing days here. On this page you will find tips for activities, sights, cultural and other events that your children will surely enjoy. And you too!

Visiting museums is fun!

Could you live in the Middle Ages? Have your children ever worn a real ringlet shirt? Or played with the toys that the children of noblemen played with? What about moms, aren't you tempted to make your own perfume? In the interactive exhibition of the Krumlov monasteries you can try it all out. In Museum Fotoatelier Seidel, for a change, you can go back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries and be enchanted by the story of the beginnings of photography and the turbulent fates of the pioneers of this craft.

From film legends to mirror mazes

From Groot to Harry Potter – children can meet their favourite film and fairy tale characters in Krumlov. They will be entertained and educated in the Moldavite Museum, semi-precious stones associated with South Bohemia. And finally, they can lose their parents in the mirror maze.

Children's playgrounds

You can easily find playgrounds in the very centre of Krumlov. As you wander the Krumlov streets and alleys, you'll find several larger or smaller playgrounds.  As many cafés, bistros and restaurants are close by, a chance to have a drink, ice cream or a little something to eat won’t let you or your kids go hungry or thirsty during your play time.

Fun walks

Wander around Krumlov with your children, explore its architecture, nooks and crannies, gardens and the surrounding area in a fun way. You can also entertain your children at several large or small playgrounds in the town and parks. And don't forget to say hello to our bears in the castle moat as you stroll through the castle grounds. And if you want to go for a bike ride, we have a short circuit, that even children can easily handle.

Climb on – Via Ferrata

If the weather cooperates, go with your children to the Ferrata Havranka. There are two routes available, one of them has a difficulty level of B, is 40 metres long and is designed just for children and beginners. You can also book an instructor to walk the route with your children.

Best trips for children

The countryside around Krumlov offers countless possibilities for trips. Whether you head north, south or east. But don't miss a trip to the nearby Klet' Mountain, where you can see the Alps in good weather. And rent a kickbike for the return trip! You're guaranteed to be a hit with the kids.


Sleep well

Sleep well

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