Sport and relaxation in Český Krumlov and its surroundings

Biking in the surroundings of Český Krumlov, source: DMO Český Krumlov Region, z. s., photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Active holiday with the backdrop of the unique atmosphere of this historical town? No problem! Water sports, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, golf, volleyball, skiing and skating in winter… Give your endorphins a kick-start and get active in Český Krumlov with its many activities on offer!

Water all around

Packing a swimming suit is a must when coming here. Thankfully, you don’t have to pack a canoe, paddleboard or a raft, as these are easily rented. So, jump right in the water and immerse yourself in an authentic experience! Enjoy the water fun, the nature and the five Krumlov sluices right in the centre and in the near-by vicinity on the Vltava River. If that is not enough, the Lipno Lake not far from the town is large enough for you to dive right in.


Climb on – Via Ferrata

Just a few minutes' walk from the centre of Český Krumlov, on the right bank of the Vltava River on the rock formation knows as Havraní skála (The Raven Rock), is the first Via ferrata. The first route with difficulty C is currently open for more experienced ferratists. If you are new to ferrata climbing, you can book an instructor who will go through the route with you and teach you the skills for safe climbing.

All about wheels

You can explore the beauty of Český Krumlov and its surroundings from a bicycle, kickbike or maybe inline skates. No matter what is the wheel of your choice, it will always make for a unique experience and there are biking paths and trails for all. Is a mountain bike your thing? There are more demanding bike riding trails right on the outskirts of the town. Have you put on inline skates or do you need something a bit easier for your kids and family? The Lipno Lake bike path will be ideal. If you don’t feel like exhausting yourself but still want the get the most out of what the place has to offer, e-bike is the right choice. Krumlov and the places around offer a number of rental offices and a sufficient network of charging stations.

Throw, catch, shoot!

We will get you moving, no matter what the season or weather! Give your stay in Krumlov a burst of energy with more or less well know sports and activities. Could it be tennis, volleyball, disc golf, squash, golf or maybe bowling that would tickle your fancy? It is all here at the tip of your fingers and toes. Don’t waste time and make plans for a tournament with friends or a family disc golf competition.

Walking is man’s best medicine

Is walking, running or Nordic Walking your passion? Is it even better, when you are surrounded by marvellous and unspoilt nature? The lightly undulated landscape around Český Krumlov is calling you to take a walk, run like the wind or hike around with your poles. All you need to do is to put your trainers on and follow one of the many woodland paths and trails full of beautiful nature, sights and landmarks. Go, explore and enjoy the magnificent views all around

Ready, steady, go!

Krumlov and its vicinity are not just cultural events and historical sights. It is a home to active people and annually hosts many sports events – from large scale international events such as the Rallye Český Krumlov or the Water Marathon, through smaller disc golf or tennis tournaments, to neighbourhood sports competitions. You are always welcome to join in, whether you decide just to watch or to compete.


Food and drink

Food and drink


Have a rest

Have a rest