Relaxing summer in Český Krumlov

, photo by: Jiří Dužár

Music of various genres echoing through the streets of the city, galleries, museums and exhibition spaces attracting you with their interesting exhibitions by renowned artists, aromas coming from the open pub doors tickling your nose, the banks of the Vltava River full of frolicking children as well as their parents… Summer in Krumlov entertains everyone, whether you're from here or from far away!

Concerts and music festivals

Classical music, jazz, rock, spiritual music of medieval monasteries, but also folk songs or music of a slightly heavier genre. Resonant names of the famous festivals alternate with smaller concerts, with band after band performing on various stages. One thing's for sure, the musical summer experience in Krumlov is something you will never forget. Combined with the unique backdrop of the city, a true poetic experience is guaranteed.

Have fun in the city park

Culture and relaxation combined with a bit of exercise? Sounds quite ideal and can be found in the city park all summer long. While you enjoy theatre performances (in czech) for children on Thursdays, refreshments in the local café, cooling down in the river on the small beach with access to the river, you also have the opportunity to work out a bit in the newly built outdoor gym - all of this in one place - the oasis of greenery in the southern meander of the Vltava River.

Exploring art and history

There is definitely a lot to admire in Krumlov. Every house here is a work of art with a piece of history. As if you were listing through encyclopaedia, you will discover the artistic styles of previous centuries on a walk through the castle, with the real treasures hiding inside. The galleries and museums host interesting exhibitions throughout the summer. Intriguing stories with a touch of mystery await you in the unique Krumlov monasteries and its gardens. There is so much to see and it is only up to you what you decide to explore.

The gift of water and its joys

Fun on the river attracts the little ones and those a little older. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the Vltava River and the sights on its banks at the same moment. You can swim in the river right in the centre of the town at ready access points, experience an unusual sightseeing tour from a raft or canoe floating down the river, and if the Vltava in Krumlov is not enough for you, you can head to the nearby "Czech Sea" Lipno Lake.

Out of town trips

Deep forests, vast natural parks, clear blue waters of ponds and rivers, remnants of Celtic settlements, ruins, castles, monasteries, churches and chapels - all this and much more can be seen while wandering through the beautiful landscape of Český Krumlov region, no matter which side of the world you decide to turn.

Eat well, drink well

The gastronomic scene in Český Krumlov has recently been growing and changing. If you love coffee, you will be spoilt for choice, you will also appreciate many new bistros, but also classic pastry shops as well as restaurants with Czech and international cuisine.

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