Baroque Night

This year is also fest of Baroque arts andthat is why one of our last concerts is dedicated to Baroque festivities.

Come and experience it with your own eyes and let yourself be seduced by music, costumes and dance. In the evening at the Riding Hall you will be guided by the historical ensemble Barocco sempre giovanne and 3 excellent soloists. Leading Czech violinist Jiří Vodička, soprano Helena Hozová and trumpet player Marek Zvolánek. Accompanied by baroque trumpeters, the creations of the baroque ensemble Hartig Esemble will be complemented by professor and dance choreographer Helena Kazárová.

Helena Hozová – soprano
Jiří Vodička – violin
Marek Zvolánek – trumpet
Old Town Trumpeters
Barocco sempre giovane – chamber ensemble
Hartig ensemble

  • Castle Riding Hall
    K Zámecké zahradě
    381 01 Český Krumlov
  • 390 CZK - 1290 CZK
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