St. Wenceslas Menu & Autumn Specials

St. Wenceslas menu and other autumn specials in the restaurants and cafés of Český Krumlov

Restaurant Krumlovsky Mlyn | 22nd – 28th September
old-fashioned Bohemian fish soup with peas and croutons / liver pâté with bacon, homemade rye bread, onion sauce – black-roasted rabbit and a variety of dumplings / apricot pork ribs, buttered corn on the cob - apple pie with whipped cream

Drunken Coffee | 22nd – 28th September
autumn soup of the day (pumpkin, sweet potato, cream of garlic and others) - autumn dessert of the day (poppy seed cake with plums, apple cake with cinnamon, pumpkin cheesecake and others) - sea buckthorn lemonade, spiced cappuccino, mulled apple cider with Slivovitz

Papas Living Restaurant | 23rd – 25th September
pork lard spread, sourdough bread - dumplings stuffed with smoked meat, Bavarian cabbage / trout fillet, pumpkin puree / black-roasted rabbit leg, homemade potato gnocchi - variations of strudel

Restaurant Pivoňka | 23rd – 25th September
roasted tomatoes, peppers and pumpkin soup / veal steak tartare with horseradish mayonnaise and pickled shallots, toasted slice of sourdough Krumlov bread – breaded and fried pork tenderloin cutlets in herbs with plum chutney, pumpkin mashed potatoes, red cabbage salad with pear and nuts / breaded and fried fallow deer leg with mushroom sauce and roasted potato gnocchi - carrot cake with plum sorbet and a drop of Slivovitz, aronia lemonade

Authentic cafe | 23rd – 25th September
poppy seed cake with black cherries and cinnamon mascarpone, cream rolls, "Větrník"  (little choux pastry topped with caramel and vanilla cream, and covered with a glossy caramel icing), "Věneček" (cream filled cruller) and liqueur tip "Spike cakes"

Masná 130 espresso bar | 23rd – 25th September
plum cookies, sauerkraut crackers

Restaurant Maštal | 23rd – 28th September
soup of the day, Baked duck, dumpling, red cabbage, home-made Plum cake

Restaurant Šatlava | 23rd – 28th September
soup of the day — beef and pork ribs, chicken leg with mustard, horseradish, pastry and cabbage salad, plum cake 

Retro café |23rd – 28th September
pumpkin cream with sour cream and roasted seeds, duck pâté with almonds served with cranberries and crispy homemade bread - boar loin with rosehip sauce and gingerbread dumplings / sous vide duck breast with raspberry sauce and pumpkin-potato puree - homemade plum dumplings sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and quark, topped with melted

Do not miss

Neighbourhood festivities in Masná St. - the end of Indian summer  | 24th September 14:30-23:00
goulash, roast pork, "Burčák" (half-fermented young wine) and other goodies at Masná 130, Můstek Beer&Burger, Prosek & U Lenina

Garden wine tasting | 24th September 14:00-22:00
wine tasting as part of the St. Wenceslas Celebrations in the Monastery Garden: rosé, white and red wines from Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Italy, Germany and Spain - small cold and hot refreshments

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