DJ Max W. + Michal Hadaš | Festival zone

Electro swing in the Monastery Garden

Max W. means electro swing with unmistakable penmanship, style, and grace. You may know him from the greatest Czech clubs and festivals. He has a unique sense of selection and mixing tracks. His DJ sets are a mixture of traditional swing and modern dance music. He is a fan of the harder and percussive line of electro swing, but he can also play a delicate set full of cheerful melodies.

Michal Hadaš studied saxophone and trumpet at the jazz and popular music Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and has played in numerous orchestras, big bands, and jazz ensembles. At present, he regularly performs with many DJs (Max Draat, GadjoCZ/Radio 1, Max W./ESB, DJ David/Radio 1 and James Wing) and in several bands (Zooblasters, TiNG).

Free entry.

DJ Max W. & Michal Hadaš will perform as part of the accompanying programme of the 32nd edition of Krumlov Festival in the Festival zone in the Monastery garden.

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  • Monastery Garden
    Latrán 50
    381 01 Český Krumlov
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  • 5.8.2023 / Sa / 22:30

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