Fun and exploration on Dubík Hill with a return through Plešivec

From the city centre it is only a few kilometres around the castle garden to the forest in Dubík. You can keep yourself and your children entertained for half a day on the nature trail full of interactive elements, the playground and the forest outdoor gym.


Prachárna near the Mantle Bridge

The walk starts at the Mantle Bridge. On the left behind it (when you pass under the bridge towards the centre) you will climb up a steeper hill on the U Prachárny path, which will take you to the 5th castle courtyard and the lower part of the castle garden. Prachárna – the building at the beginning of the trail – was used in the past to store explosives, mainly for the needs of the manor hunting.


The baroque château garden

The walk continues along the castle garden, which you will have on your right hand. Of course, you can also walk part of the way through the garden, which is open from april to the end of october. The 11 hectares or so of garden consist of four parts: the terrace called the Steppe, the terrace called the Summer Riding Room lined with a backdrop of mature lime trees, the Lower parterre with its hint of reconstructed rococo landscaping and cascading fountain, and finally of the Upper Garden with its open garden, music pavilion, rococo Bellarie summerhouse and square castle pond. After you have walked around the entire castle garden (about 1 km), take a slight left.

The baroque château garden

Chapel on Dubík

After less than a kilometre from the castle garden you will reach a crossroads with a chapel. Here you can turn right and walk about 500 metres to the top of Dubík Hill, or head left to the pond, nature trail and children´s playground.


Top of the Dubík Hill

On the top of Dubík (694 m above sea level) there is a cross. On the way from the cross to the pond you will meet the information boards of the nature trail.


Pond and nature trail Dubík

On the way to the pond, you will meet the information boards of the nature trail, which are scattered further along its shore. You will approach the pond and follow the trail to the children´s playground.

The nature trail Dubík will be especially enjoyed by children who enjoy exploring the world around them through all their senses and overcoming challenges. It is two kilometres long and offers a total of thirty-five playful, interactive elements that focus on the workings of nature, fauna and flora, as well as physical activities. One section with 15 stops introduces visitors to the water cycle in nature, the decomposition of garbage or guides them through a food maze. Two other sections are dedicated to birds, each with ten stops. Our walk does not take you through the complete circuits, but it is up to you whether you take the whole thing.

Pond and nature trail Dubík

Children's playground

Children's playground

Outdoor gym

Outdoor gym

Plešivec district

You will return to the town downhill through the little frequented but all the more charming Krásné Údolí (the street you will pass through is named so) and Plešivecká Street. The name for the Plešivec district is derived from the name for a bare, unforested hill, which corresponds to the original appearance of the place. You will walk along Plešivec Street to Plešivec Square and from there you will descend the steps of the same name to Linecká Street and continue on to Svornosti Square.


Svornosti Square

  • map
  • walks/hikes
  • easy
  • 5.1 km
  • 216 m
  • asphalt, field/forest path
  • 3–4 hours
  • nature
  • sights
  • sport
  • suitable for children
  • winter

Interesting fact

In the part from the castle to Dubík Hill, you´ll walk along the Way of St. James leading to Santiago de Compostela. It passes through the South Bohemian Region for a total length of 213 km up to the border with Austria.