Walking route Château garden – Ptačí hrádek – Dubík

A walk from the Baroque chateau garden to The Ptačí hrádek memorial and the nature trail in the Dubík forest.


You can divide the walk into two shorter trips starting from the château garden. The green marked hiking trail will take you west to Ptačí hrádek (2). Although you will have to overcome a small climb, you will still get there in about half an hour. You can see a historical reservoir on your way to Ptačí hrádek. When you get back, you can relax and enjoy refreshments in the château garden, before setting off in the other direction to the Dubík forests (3). The red marked route will take you to the nature trail in half an hour. The 2-kilometre long trail full of interactive elements for both children and adults will easily keep you entertained for half a day.


The baroque château garden

You can divide the walk into two shorter trips starting from the château garden. You can get to it from the château courtyard by two routes. By heading upwards to the left, you will come to the main entrance gate to the garden.

  • The baroque château garden from the second half of the 17th century is the largest part of the château complex
  • Rococo Neptune fountain in the centre of the château garden, built during modifications after 1750
  • late-17th century Bellarie Summerhouse, now one of the set pieces of summer performances in the revolving theatre

Revolving theatre

The first improvised turntable was created here in 1958. It held only 60 spectators and was human-powered. After undergoing general reconstruction work between 1989 and 1993, the auditorium can today hold 644 spectators


Historical reservoir

Found on the route from the garden to Ptačí hrádek, it was originally established to pump water from the Polečnice River to the château garden to supply its water works and fountains


The Ptačí hrádek memorial

The Ptačí hrádek memorial was built to celebrate the victory of the coalition troops over Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Leipzig (the Battle of Nations) in 1813. It has recently undergone reconstruction work and its exteriors are open to the public.


The nature trail Dubík

The nature trail in Dubík Forest is located in the opposite direction from the garden and will particularly appeal to children, who will enjoy exploring the surrounding world with their senses and overcoming challenges. The new trail measures two kilometres, offering visitors a total of thirty-five fun interactive elements that focus on the workings of nature, fauna and flora, as well as on physical activities. The first part with 15 stops teaches visitors about the natural cycle of water and with the decomposition of waste, or guides them through a food labyrinth. Two further circuits, each with ten stops, are dedicated to bird life.

The nature trail Dubík
  • map
  • walks/hikes
  • easy
  • 5 km (circuit)
  • 80 m
  • asphalt, field/forest path
  • 2 - 3 hours
  • nature
  • sights
  • suitable for children
  • winter