Boating through Krumlov

Experience Krumlov a little differently than a regular pedestrian visitor to the city from a canoe or raft! Treat yourself to two hours of great fun on the water, conquer several weirs (one of them is located directly under the castle) and see the historical part of Krumlov from the Vltava River. If you are new to water sports or would like to try rafting in one of the newer ways but dare not go straight to the river on your own, you can opt for a trip with an instructor, offered by the local rental shops.

Trip route

From the rental shop, you will be taken to the start of the trip, usually to the outskirts of the city to Nové Spolí (see map: Start). Alternatively, you can start the cruise from the boat rental shops, which you will find in the city centre on the banks of the Vltava. The trip will of course be shorter then. The destination of the cruise will be at a pre-arranged place, most often in the camp on the edge of Český Krumlov. We recommend Kemp Krumlov (see map: Destination), where you can relax and wait for a ride at a local snack stand. At the agreed upon time, the driver will pick you up and take you and the boats back to the centre.

  • map
  • raft/canoe
  • easy
  • 2-4 km, based on the place of boarding
  • season runs May through October
  • nature
  • sights
  • sport
  • suitable for children
  • refreshments en route

Points of interest

Rechle v Novém Spolí – unique covered footbridge, a protected technical monument from the 18th century, at 110 metres it is one of the longest covered footbridges in the Czech Republic

Krumlov weirs –Na Rechlích (height 1.1 m, length 108 m), U Liry (height 1 m, length 33 m), Mrázkův mlýn (height 1.5 m, length 55 m), U Jelení lávky (height 1.5 m, length 56 m). All weirs are passable, boats can also be carried

Historical bridges – Most Dr. Beneše, Lazebnický most (technical structure from the 1830s)

From the water’s surface you will see – Church of St Vitus, the former Měšťanský pivovar brewery, Plášťový most bridge and the state castle and château, courtyard galleries and balconies of houses in Parkán, the Historický pivovar Český Krumlov brewery and the monasteries of Český Krumlov

Refreshments along the route – pubs and bars on the banks of the Vltava, Kemp Krumlov