Revolving Theatre

Visit the grounds of Český Krumlov chateau for a unique artistic experience at the open-air revolving auditorium!Visit the grounds of Český Krumlov chateau for a unique artistic experience at the open-air revolving auditorium!

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Accessibility: The car can be parked right next to the castle garden in the P4 car park, about a 10-minute walk to the auditorium.


South Bohemian Theatre
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Nestled beside the splendid Baroque theatre at the chateau in Český Krumlov is yet another surprise: an open-air theatre with a rotating stage, situated in the middle of the grounds of the chateau, not far from the Bellarie Rococo summer palace, which serves a backdrop to the auditorium. The idea to utilise the summer palace and surrounding park for an open-air stage originated in 1958 with artists from the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice.

Program 2021

10th – 26th June 2021, The Double Star Man / P. Forman, I. Arsenjev  - the magical story of extraordinary man

4th – 14th and 18th – 31st July 2021, Da Vinci / P. Zelenka, O. Šubrtová- a comedy about a journey to the times of Leonardo da Vinci

5th - 15th August 2021, Finian’s Rainbow / Burton Lane / Voskovec + Werich / E. Y. Harburg – Fred Saidy - musical

6th August – 11th September 2021, The Lost World / A. C. Doyle / Z. Jecelín - an adventurous show for the whole family

19th – 22nd August 2021, Sleeping Beauty / P. I. Tchaikovsky - Ballet fairy-tale story

25th August – 12th September 2021, The Hound of the Baskervilles / A. C. Doyle - detective comedy


Performances are held over the summer months, and apart from opera also include ballet, fairytales for children and plays written specially for the auditorium. This year, special audiovisual project called The Double Star Man will start the season of the theatre with the highest ceiling in the world.

All performances offer subtitles in German and English and are also suitable for hearing impaired visitors.

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