Visit the grounds of Český Krumlov chateau for a unique artistic experience at the open-air theater with a revolving auditorium!

Nestled beside the splendid Baroque theatre at the chateau in Český Krumlov is yet another surprise: an open-air theatre with a rotating auditorium, situated in the middle of the chateau garden, not far from the Bellarie summer palace, which serves as a backdrop to the theater. The idea to utilise the summer palace and surrounding park for an open-air stage originated in 1958 with artists from the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice.

Performances are held over the summer months, and apart from opera include ballet, fairytales for children and plays written specially for the auditorium. 

All performances offer subtitles in German and English and are also suitable for hearing impaired visitors.

Programm 2024 (PDF in Englisch) →

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