On 29 February 2024, Port 1560 opened its doors. The former manor brewery has undergone an extensive and successful renovation and will offer visitors four exhibitions: Life, Work, Art and Dreams. You will see how life used to be, how beer used to be brewed, and view the best of modern art. You can spend a whole day in a beautiful setting with a fantastic genius loci.

Life / Life of the townspeople from the end of the 19th century
What was an ordinary day like a hundred years ago? This is what you will discover in the interactive exhibition at the Palace of Anne of Rogendorf. Order a period meal and have it served to you or take a ride on a coster. Among other things, you will also learn more about the architecture of the entire building and the history of the New Town (now Brewery) Garden.

Works / Brewery tour
What was a cherry and a monk, what was the building sign for? You will find out thanks to the sensitively reconstructed original brewing technology in the Varna building. In addition to the original brewhouse, you will also visit the current Krumlov microbrewery, where a tasting awaits you. And don't forget to climb up to the attic, there's bound to be something going on in the interactive pub dating back to 1900.

Art / Overview of graphic techniques
Head to the Gallery and be inspired by the art projects of renowned artists, members of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar. The works on display represent a cross-section of the possibilities of graphic techniques. For information about the current exhibition, please visit the Port 1560 website.

Dreams / Mix of technology and scenes of human imagination
The building of the Chariot was integral in the production of beer. Today's blending of old technology with a dreamlike exhibition will be appreciated by you and your children. And be warned, it won't just be you and your guide on the tour - a group of ghosts and a giant head are also eagerly awaiting you.

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