Brewery, Distillery and Chocolate Factory Tours in Svachova Lhotka

The Svachovka Resort only 8 km away from Český Krumlov offers tastings and tours of the Glokner brewery the Svach distillery and chocolate factory. You will find out all that there is to know about the production of beer, spirits and whisky, as well as discover the secrets of making chocolate – starting with cocoa beans all the way to the hand-made pralines. Part of the Resort is the Paleo Spa wellness centre, a hotel, restaurant and a 18-hole golf course.

Tours and tastings


During the brewery tour, you will get to know the raw materials used to brew beer, the sections of the manufacturing processes – that is the brewing room, the fermentation room, and the cellar – used for the heat treatment of raw materials, fermentation, and maturation of beer. You will discover individual beer categories, the differences in their productions, the effects on the human organism, and the social impact on society. The tour with beer tasting has been enriched by the tasting of two beer samples with an expert explanation of their character. At the same time, you will learn about the correct way of tasting a beer. Reservation in advance is required. Tours in foreign languages upon request.


You can also taste distillates and liquors from the Svach distillery and enjoy the unique opportunity to see the preparation of distillates. The tasting takes place right inside the distillery – at the still. Svach Whisky is also an original – the exact recipe of the mash is prepared in the local brewery. Reservation in advance is required. Tours in foreign languages upon request.

Chocolate factory

Women and children can embark on the chocolate factory tour including the tasting of chocolate pralines of the original production, the adults can taste pralines filled with a ganache from the local liquors. Experience the pairing up of chocolate with Svach’s Old Well Whisky. Reservation in advance is required. Tours in foreign languages upon request.


Paleo Spa wellness

Relax with a view of nature in the Paleo Spa wellness centre. Big whirlpool for 10 people, swimming pool, bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, cooling zone, relaxation room and Glokner beer bath.


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