Tips for walks in and around Český Krumlov

Passage under the Cloak Bridge, source: DMO Český Krumlov Region, z. s., photo by: Jaqueline Bremmer | @weilfernweh

We have selected five walks where you can enjoy beautiful views, follow in the footsteps of history and art, or get lost in nature.

Back in the good old days

In contrast to the historic centre, the southern meander of the Vltava River offers a peaceful atmosphere, sufficient space to rest and relax in the greenery, and sights associated with the early 20th century.

Pilgrim path up Cross Mountain

The walk leads to a Baroque pilgrimage site on Křížová hora (Cross Mountain), a spiritual site with strong energy and romantic views of the surrounding area.

A stroll through the forest

It’s only a few kilometres from the town centre to the forest in Dubík, where you can keep yourself and your kids entertained for half a day on the educational and playful trail, the playgrounds, and in the forest outdoor gym.

In Schiele’s footsteps

Český Krumlov has inspired generations of artists. It was probably the Austrian painter Egon Schiele (1890-1918) who made its quaint streets and corners most famous. Walk through the town in his footsteps and discover the places that are still associated with his stay in Český Krumlov today.

Above the castle garden

This walk leads to lesser-known places historically tied to the Český Krumlov Castle. The walk leads through the outdoor areas of the castle and its garden to the former castle farm Kvítkův Dvůr. Along the way you will see the so-called Bird Castle, on the way back you will stop at the chapel of St. Florian with a view of Krumlov and through Plešivecké square and stairs you will return to the centre.

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