Arrival of St. Martin and festive opening of St. Martin´s wine

Tasting of young wine associated with the arrival of St. Martin

St. Martin traditionally arrives on his white horse on the 11th day in November bringing not only the first snow but also first wine of the year. Enjoy the festive arrival of St. Martin with St. Martin’s wines and tasting of St. Martin’s wine on 11. 11. at 11:11am on the Svornosti Square.

St. Martin´s Feast

St. Martin's Feast has traditional been one of the most popular ones in the year. This day marked the arrival of the first snow but also a full-blown feast. St. Martin's wine tradition can be traced back to the imperial court of Emperor Joseph II. where it was customary to toast St. Martin with the new wine of the year. On this day the seasonal service of winemakers at larger farms ended. They negotiated terms for the next season over a glass of first wine from the autumn harvest and while enjoying seasonal delicacies.

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