The Bohemian Lion Fighting for Freedom

An exbhibition in the Regional Museum in Český Krumlov.

The exhibition The Bohemian Lion Fighting for Freedom – the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade during World War 2 deals with an almost neglected subject: the fate of the Czechoslovak ground forces in Great Britain. The exhibition also focuses on the military units that many soldiers passed through before joining the brigade (Czechoslovak Army, State Defense Guard, Government Army, German Army, Czech and Slovak Legion in Poland, 1st Czechoslovak Division in France, and regiments in the Middle East) as well as army units in Great Britain to which they could be transferred after the brigade (Royal Air Force, Special Operation Executive).

At the end of the war in Europe, the US military played an important role in the fate of Czechoslovak soldiers in the West. Some fought alongside British troops in Asia until the very end of the fighting in the Pacific; we conclude the war story together with them.

  • Regional Museum in Český Krumlov
    Horní 152
    381 01 Český Krumlov
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