Egon Schiele Art Centrum | exhibitions 2023

The 2023 season will present the realistic painting of Ivana Lomová and the expressive drawings and paintings of Janz Franz.

IVANA LOMOVÁ (B. 1959 IN PRAGUE) – realistic painting
She studied architecture and switched from drawing, illustration and comics to painting in the 1990s. Seriousness, nostalgia and the beauty of the everyday appear in her paintings. It is a strong emotional encounter with the reality that surrounds her, which is often only processed years later, e.g. a bundle of photographs serves as a sketch and the artist's imagination mixes in targeted interventions.
Despite the use of realistic painting, the paintings of Ivana Lomová are strangely dreamlike and recall Schiele's paintings of Krumlov in their love for the town (but also for the town's missing residents).
Curators: Hana Jirmusová Lazarowitz, Ingeborg Habereder, Ivana Lomová

JANZ FRANZ (1946 - 2017) – expressive drawing and painting
An Austrian solitaire, originally from Graz/Styria, self-taught, with a love of rock music and alcohol, who spared neither himself nor his surroundings in any way, which ultimately landed him in a wheelchair. The artist, who wanted to become the best painter in Austria, is currently presented by many Austrian gallery owners and is represented in the best state and private collections, including the Leopold Museum in Vienna.
The parallel of this enfant terrible of the second half of the 20th century to Schiele's life and work can be seen in many of the hundreds or even thousands of expressive drawings and paintings, in which women and the artist's complicated relationship with them are often the subject, alongside demons and rock music.
The exhibition was created in cooperation with Austrian gallery owners and private collectors and features large-format paintings by Janz Franz.
Curators: Ferdinand Altnoeder, Ingeborg Habereder, Hana Jirmusová Lazarowitz

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