Il Boemo & Wranitzky | Festival Krumlov

Czech Masters of the 18th century, world-class music and ballet

The combination of opera and ballet will bring together two Czech composers who became famous in Europe in the 18th century. Although their names are not so well known to the wider public today, they are undoubtedly among the great Czech masters, and this concert will be proof of that. A historically informed performance of their works will be given by the Wranitzky Kapelle and a conductor Marek Štilec, and Simona Šaturová will lend her voice to charming arias by Josef Mysliveček. The story of a prince meeting a mysterious forest maiden from the ballet Lesní dívka/Das Waldmädchen will be portrayed by dancers under the direction of Andrea Miltnerová, a renowned admirer of Baroque and Classical aesthetics.

Simona Šaturová – soprano
Wranitzky Kapelle
Marek Štilec – conductor
Andrea Miltnerová – choreography
dance ensemble led by Andrea Miltnerová

J. Mysliveček: Il Demetrio (Ouverture)
J. Mysliveček: Armida “Il caro mio bene”
J. Mysliveček: Symfonie No. 1 in C Dur
J. Mysliveček: Il Bellerofonte (Ouverture)
J. Mysliveček: Il Bellerofonte – “Palesar vorrei col pianto”
P. Vranický: selection of suites from the ballet Forest Girl

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  • Castle Riding Hall
    Zámecká jízdárna
    381 01 Český Krumlov
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  • 21.7.2023 / Fr / 19:30

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