Maurizio Olivotto: Bestiarium

Exhibition of illustrations with a programme for children

Maurizio Olivotto's Bestiarium reveals a fantastic world where fish can walk, snakes can fly and cats resemble humans.

The Italian artist and acclaimed graphic designer, who was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Macerata for more than 35 years, will present his life's work for the first time in Central Europe. Fantastic creatures in the form of five-legged monsters, dragons and mythical characters will take you beyond the boundaries of common perceptions and, together with the accompanying programme for children, will inspire creativity.

Highly crafted intaglio prints and unique art books blend real and imaginary motifs, combine engraving techniques and experiment with materials. Olivotto's rich imagery references medieval iconography and reflects his interest in mythology.


Accompanying programme of the exhibition

The play of fantasy
Can an exhibition of illustrations entertain children? Come and find out! A series of creative tasks and quizzes will bring fairy tales closer, keep the minds busy and become the key to a real world of imagination for the little ones.

Explore, play and create
Put your face to an illustration via the mobile app, flip through a book to learn about a fairy tale story, build a fairy tale castle, pick up crayons and become an artist for a while, or play games as a family to remind you of the illustrations on display.

  • 3+ Gallery, Český Krumlov Monastery
    Klášterní dvůr 97
    381 01 Český Krumlov
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