Opera gala – Plácido Domingo | Festival Krumlov

Maestro Plácido Domingo together with Serena Saenz and Ester Pavlů

The evening municipal park will resonate with the sounds of wistful arias performed by the greatest baritone of world music. Being figuratively lured by him into the depths and heights of the operatic world, you will be transported on the waves of music from the meadows around the Vltava River to the forests of the imagination of Italian and other masters of opera. Their works will be performed at the Opera Gala by the opera artist, tenor and baritone Plácido Domingo, soprano Serena Saenz and mezzo-soprano Ester Pavlů. Under the walls of the historic town and under the baton of Alessandro Crudele, together with the PKF – Prague Philharmonia, they will recall the times long past, the dramas of world opera, and the Spanish zarzuelas.

Serena Saenz – soprano
Ester Pavlů – mezzo-soprano
Plácido Domingo – baritone
Alessandro Crudele – conductor
PKF – Prague Philharmonia

Operatic arias will be specified

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  • Municipal Park
    381 01 Český Krumlov
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  • 13.7.2024 / Sa / 21:00

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