The Kleť Observatory is located at an altitude of 1,070 metres and is the highest observatory in the Czech Republic. The Kleť Observatory is one of the world's top observatories dedicated to monitoring near-Earth asteroids. Today, the observatory is known in our country and especially in the world for the research of asteroids and comets.

What you will see and experience

Visitors will look into the large astronomical dome, one of the two at the observatory, see a large mirror telescope with a diameter of 57 cm and the largest lens telescope in the Czech Republic with a diameter of 30 cm. This device makes it possible to observe the Sun's sunspots in a cloudless sky. Inside the dome, there is an exhibition of astronomical images of asteroids and a gallery of photographs of comets. There will also be a narration about the extraordinary work of astronomers at this observatory.

Points of Interest

The Kleť Observatory serves as a "space patrol", i.e. one of the observatories of the worldwide network monitoring the movement of asteroids (asteroids), i.e. small bodies posing a danger to planet Earth. The asteroids can threaten our terrestrial civilization by collision.

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