Boating from Krumlov to Zlatá Koruna

Krumlov is a paradise for active water sports. So why not take advantage and spend one day enjoying the water? A boat trip to Zlatá Koruna is suitable for families with children, as well as for groups of friends or fans of outdoor physical activities.

You can hire a boat or raft and boating equipment at one of the boat rental. It will take you to the start of the trip as well as taking care of your transport from the finish point. If you don’t want to venture out on the river alone, you can opt for a trip with an instructor.

Trip route

The canoe route from Český Krumlov to Zlatá Koruna is 16 kilometres long and will take you four to six hours. The beginning is in Nové Spolí (southern edge of Krumlov). The first part of the route leads through the historical part of the city. You will experience a shot of adrenaline on the local weirs, and will then sail for about 3 hours through the picturesque landscape to the finish point. Along the way, take a break at one of the snack stands that line the river. In Zlatá Koruna you will be picked up from the rental shop at a pre-agreed time, or after you give them a call, and taken back to Krumlov.

However, if you have some energy left, you can change your boat for a bicycle (by prior arrangement with the hiring company) and get back along the recommended route: from Zlatá Koruna, go by bike first along the red tourist trail marking to Plešovice. Then follow cycle route 1127 through Třísov (ancient iron age settlement), a nature reserve and the historic remains of the Dívčí Kámen Castle to Holubov. From Holubov, you can continue to Český Krumlov along cycle route 1168 or you and your bike can take the cable car from Krásetín to Kleť (1,084 m above sea level, lookout tower) and enjoy the final 11 km long descent along cycle route 1166.

  • map
  • raft/canoe
  • easy
  • 16 km
  • season runs from May to October
  • nature
  • sport
  • suitable for children
  • refreshments en route

Points of interest

Rechle v Novém Spolí – unique covered footbridge, a protected technical monument from the 18th century, at 110 metres it is one of the longest covered footbridges in the Czech Republic

Krumlov weirs –Na Rechlích (height 1.1 m, length 108 m), U Liry (height 1 m, length 33 m), Mrázkův mlýn (height 1.5 m, length 55 m), U Jelení lávky (height 1.5 m, length 56 m). All weirs are passable, boats can also be carried

Historical bridges – Most Dr. Beneše, Lazebnický most (technical structure from the 1830s)

From the water’s surface you will see – Church of St Vitus, the former Měšťanský pivovar brewery, Plášťový most bridge and the state castle and château, courtyard galleries and balconies of houses in Parkán, the Historický pivovar Český Krumlov brewery and the monasteries of Český Krumlov

Zlatá Koruna Monastery – this monastery largely consists of medieval buildings (church, cloister, chapter hall, Chapel of the Guardian Angels, abbey) partially modified in the baroque style

Refreshments along the route – pubs and bars on the banks of the Vltava, Kemp Krumlov