Through the Old Town and Latrán in the footsteps of the Renaissance

Pick up a brochure entitled The Renaissance in Krumlov or Hasten Slowly to the Trumpeter and Bear (available for free) in the information centre on Svornosti Square. This brochure will guide you through town, will help you to discover interesting stories and get to know the architecture of the Renaissance Český Krumlov with the children while drawing, completing tasks and finding answers in the streets of the city – all in a very entertaining way.

The brochure will take you to the period of the greatest prosperity of Český Krumlov, when the last Rosenbergs, brothers William and Peter Vok, ruled here. You will need good observation skills and a desire to learn the times when people became more interested in anatomy, astrology and alchemy, in other words the human body, the movement of the Earth, the influence of the stars or the youth elixir.

Route description 

The first part you will help you to explore the Old Town, where children will learn about the elements of Renaissance architecture, get acquainted with concepts such as attic gables, oriel windows, jambs or sgraffitoes, masonry symbols and the time of the last Rosenbergs.

The second part of the journey will take you to a part of the city called Latrán and is more focused on stories, legends and creative tasks.

Brochure to download

The didactic brochure was published by the České Budějovice National Monuments Institute in cooperation with the Český Krumlov Development Fund and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture. Download the brochure →

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  • easy
  • 2 km
  • sights
  • suitable for children
  • architecture
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