Downhill from Kleť on a Kick-bike

Climbing the Kleť Mountain is a must when visiting our region. If you decide to make your way up, we have a tip for you how to get down in a less traditional way – ride down on a kick-bike. There are three routes you can chosse from – towards Krumlov, Zlatá Koruna or Krasetín. All are approximately 11 km long and will lead you through the beautiful scenery of the Blanský Forest Nature reserve.

To the Top of Kleť

Making it to top of Kleť depends only on your decision, time and fitness and there are various ways to do it: take the 8 km hike from Krumlov centre, get on a train to Holubov, then walk for 3 km to Krasetin and then take the chairlift to the top. If time doesn’t allow it, drive to Krasetín and park directly at the chairlift car park. If you need to save time and energy even more, Kick-bike Kleť will take you up the mountain in their minibus, however, you need to call ahead to book and arrange the time.

Kick-bikes will be rented to you at the top, along with protective helmet, instructions and a map. You will return your kick-bike at the final destination at a marked location. Booking ahead is advisable, though not necessary.

Down from the Top

Kleť - Český Krumlov

The most favourite route - with the biggest elevation difference, almost without an incline. The whole ride is on a comfortable asphalt surface road. Arrival point is at a paddler camp Krumlov on the northern side of Krumlov.

Kleť - Zlatá Koruna

Taking this route, you can look forward to comfortable ride on an asphalt road without almost any incline with magnificent views of the Blanský Forest. Arrival point is at Zlatá Koruna camp, where you will return your kick-bikes.

Kleť - Krasetín

You can easily drive all the way to Krasetín and park at a car park directly next to the chairlift station. The chairlift will take you to the top of the hill. The ride down is partially on and asphalt road, partially on a forest road. There are slight inclines at some point, so be prepared to put some effort into kicking.

  • walks/hikes
  • cycling
  • medium
  • 11 km (down from the top)
  • 630 m
  • asphalt, forest road
  • April – October
  • nature
  • sport
  • suitable for children
  • refreshments en route

Points of interest

Josef’s lookout tower – this 18-metre tall stone tower has stood on the summit of Kleť since 1825, when Prince Josef Schwarzenberg had the tower built. Open to the public since the second half of the 19th century, it is the oldest stone lookout tower in Bohemia.

Terezie’s Chalet – this mountain chalet dating from 1925 is situated next to the lookout tower, providing accommodation and refreshments opening times 

Kleť Observatory – the highest situated astronomical observatory in the Czech Republic, built between 1957 and 1958, is a world leader in the study of minor planets

Krásetín-Kleť chairlift – the chairlift transports 220 passengers per hour. In service since 1961, it is 1,792 metres long with an elevation difference of 383 m.

175-metre tall television transmitter for South Bohemia dating from 1978