A monumental ruin built in romanticist style situated on a high rock in the beautiful countryside above the confluence of the Křemže brook and the River Vltava between České Budějovice and Český Krumlov

The castle is one of the largest and best-preserved mediaeval monuments in the Czech Republic. It was founded by the House of Rosenberg in 1349 and abandoned by the same family in 1506. 500 years after being abandoned by its founders, it became the property of the municipality of Křemže.

Concerts, historical shows, fencing and theatre performances, mediaeval markets, lectures and exhibitions are regularly held at the castle.

Near the castle, you can visit a Celtic oppidum, which is one of the most unique ones in Europe in terms of its importance and size. The surroundings of the castle are classified as a nature reserve, forming part of the protected landscape area of the Blanský Forest.

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