Kvítkův Dvůr is an ancient château farmstead located in Český Krumlov about 600 metres west of the château garden.

History of Kvítkův Dvůr

Kvítkův Dvůr is located to the west of Český Krumlov Château on the eastern slope of Liščí díra Hill near an old pilgrimage route to Kájov. It was probably founded as the seat of a vassal of the Lords of Krumlov sometime in the 13th or 14th century. In 1423, during a Hussite siege of the town, it was burnt down. The current appearance of the Kvítkův Dvůr complex is the result of an extensive Baroque conversion carried out after 1750 and later minor reconstruction work from the 1890s.

Current use

Kvítkův Dvůr is privately owned, but tours, concerts, wedding ceremonies and entire weddings are held here for the public, and social rooms can also be rented for other festive occasions.

Tours of Kvítkův Dvůr

If no concert, wedding or other social event is being held, Kvítkův Dvůr is open for tours. On weekdays (except Thursdays), tour starts at 5:15 p.m., and on weekends at 2 p.m. Guided tours can also be arranged at other times by telephone. Tours focus on history, architecture, artistic decoration and many other points of interest, such as a demonstration of the excellent acoustics of a painted hall with organ music.

Renting ceremonial rooms

The painted hall and the connected banquet hall, kitchen and ceremonial room can be rented for wedding ceremonies or other celebrations. The hall can hold up to 66 people, while the banquet hall can seat 30 people. Although Kvítkův Dvůr is only 600 metres from the château garden, and at most 2 kilometres from the historical town centre, it stands in a secluded spot away from the bustle of tourism, giving it complete freedom to hold concerts or accompanying programmes for weddings and other celebrations.

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