Originally a Romanesque church from the second half of the 12th century, it is located in the middle of a cemetery on a hill south of the village of Boletice. It is a national cultural monument registered on 3 May 1958.

History and architecture

The church contains a number of valuable architectural structures: the tower and the perimeter masonry of the nave date from the Romanesque period, the presbytery and sacristy with a net vault date from the High Gothic period, and the north aisle of the nave was built during the Renaissance in the 16th century. Particularly noteworthy are the partially exposed medieval wall paintings in the chancel and the figural consoles supporting the net vault of the sacristy.


The church is now an important urban element, which prominently features in the wider landscape where the original settlement has disappeared (displacement after 1945 and for decades part of a military training area). Its interiors are normally closed to the public, the church premises are used for cultural and social events or wedding ceremonies and can only be visited by prior arrangement. Contact: Mgr. Lenka Augustinová, by phone at +420 724 945 652 or by e-mail: lenkaaug@seznam.cz.

Since 2016, the church has been owned by the municipality of Kájov, prior to which it belonged to the Boletice Military District.

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